I Built a SHULKER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#53)

  • Ajoutée 16 oct. 2021
  • Today I Built a Shulker Farm in Minecraft Hardcore! I Built an automatic shulker shell farm in my hardcore minecraft world! WHAT FARM SHOULD I BUILD NEXT?
    If you want to build the same shulker farm as me, check out this tutorial:
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Commentaires • 10 632

  • aCookieGod

    Look at Wadzee man, so inspirational.

  • WetzkieGamer

    Actually, you can kill all of the bee without them getting mad as long as you kill them instantly, similar mechanic to Piglins

  • Sebastián Franasovic

    For anyone wondering, it’s not a glitch of the Shulkers dividing when they take damage the thing which causes the farm to work, but it’s an actual feature within the game. If a Shulker is hit with it’s own “bullet”, there’s a chance it will cause the shulker to spawn a new one, what the farm does from what we can see it’s simply baiting the shulker to attack the snow golems, since snow golems can’t deal damage to shulkers and the direction of the bullet gets messy within that tight space, it ends up hitting the shulker and activating the farm.

  • Dhruv Jain
    Dhruv Jain  +744

    Shulkercraft: builds a melon farm

  • Chng Swee Khoon

    If anyone is wondering about the bees not attacking him when he attacks them, it's the same thing that happens with wolves, dolphins I believe, and zombie Pigman, killing them in one hit will not trigger the other mobs

  • Badaboomba !

    Hey Wadzee, I’m not sure if I’m only speaking for myself but you can make your videos longer and show us more of the building process if you want. I know it may seem boring but I really enjoy seeing it 😊

  • Winsen Haris

    hey, you has so much structure in your world. would you mind to make a big room with big map in it? that would be great idea for the next video i guess

  • Tara
    Tara  +117

    Oohh, to be ambitious, try making an automatic unloading and sorting inventory system so that you don't have to rummage through each and every one of your large chests and have a use for your possible infinite shulker boxes.

  • Sami Rose
    Sami Rose  +150

    This guys need to join a smp already so he stops getting bored so quickly

  • SilverShøck

    This guy's progress in a hardcore world kinda toys with your brain, like how'd he get all that, Jesusss.

  • RubyM
    RubyM  +422

    "Nobody needs a sugar cane farm THIS big"

  • TheNerogarden

    It's astounshing to me how someone with this much time in the game and time in general don't bother to research about villagers. Just make 2 rooms, open a door, let the zombie turn the villager into a zombie, take the zombie back to the other room and heal the zombie villager. Repeat the process 2 ~ 4 times until you have a villager that buy 1 paper/carrot/potato or whatever for 1 smerald. Rinse and repeat

  • TerrainRunz

    Can we appreciate that this guy is an absolute legend. These builds are insane, keep up the good work mate!

  • madj4150 GAMING

    Finally got to watch this been busy but thnx to u I started up a new survival world it's a jungle world haven't traveled much but I've been prepping my base area for all the builds u have inspired me to do thnx to ur vids wadzee u r the legend who keeps most of us going I love watching ur vids bro keep up the amazing work

  • Az
    Az  +22

    I've said this in a previous video, but WadZee you could benefit from taking a few minutes of your time to learn about chunk loaders and how to build them, that way you won't have to afk in your farms for them to work anymore. The point of chunk loaders is to keep a set of 3x3 chunks loaded at all times, even if you're not near or in the same dimension. This also ensures that your farms won't break if you load the chunks yourself by coming near them and then leaving, potentially unloading certain bits within the redstone contraption that may break stuff.

  • Squilliam Fancyson

    Would this be affected by the new update where entities do not engage in anything once you are a certain distance away from them?

  • Extra Unstable

    I think that I can classify 52 - 53 as the "Farm Overhaul Arc"

  • Jaxson Hazard

    Dude, I just started watching your videos, and now I love them. Your like my new permanent favorite Minecraft FRclipr. You should speed run Minecraft eventually.

  • HunterCool22

    I know that you’ve already beaten the game and completed every achievement and that it’s quite easy to become bored when you’ve reached the top and can’t go any higher.. But PLEASE don’t stop the Hardcore series! It’s so entertaining and still very enjoyable! They always make my day. Keep up the great work! 🙂👍

  • indigo robin

    Hey wadzee, just a suggestion. Try using shaders in your world it will give your builds depth