I Beat NIGHTMARE Difficulty in Minecraft! (NEW Hardest Difficulty)

  • Ajoutée 13 juil. 2020
  • Today I Beat the NEW HARDEST DIFFICULTY IN MINECRAFT, created once again by fundy! I Beat NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft! Nightmare difficulty is a plugin created by fundy which has all the same rules as the impossible difficulty minecraft but with a few extra things added. These include: Nightmares, tripping and spilling your inventory everywhere, breaking your legs when you fall, only able to eat vegetarian foods, and so so much more!
    Creator: @Fundy
    "So I made a "nightmare" Difficulty in Minecraft..."
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Commentaires • 18 768

  • nova
    nova Il y a an +1

    I love how as soon as Fundy made the Nightmare Difficulty, we were all just looking over to Wadzee… and now that Wadzee has beaten it, we’re all just looking over to Fundy

  • Sanat Sanjeev
    Sanat Sanjeev Il y a an +2

    the fact that he showed us that he died from afking instead of cutting the part shows us how honest he is

  • michelangelo cecchini
    michelangelo cecchini Il y a an +2

    WadZee:"breaks the wood with his hands"

  • Divyya Joshi
    Divyya Joshi Il y a an +2

    Fundy: creates cursed difficulty

  • Joan Laubacher
    Joan Laubacher Il y a an +2

    Wadzee's next title: "I beat nightmare difficulty in Minecraft on hardcore while playing Minecraft in Minecraft"

    EREBUS Il y a an +245

    Fundy: creates a difficulty

  • The_Orphan_ obliterater _

    He should make a new difficulty and feature the option that when you trade with a villager there’s a 50% chance he will scam you and not give you what you were supposed to get

  • Avaulaunche
    Avaulaunche Il y a an +1

    Wadzee: *Trips on a rock in the nether

  • Amira Levine
    Amira Levine Il y a an +996

    Honestly, all of these Fundy "impossible" difficulties are just "Minecraft But It's Realistic"

  • Dead Knight
    Dead Knight Il y a an +7

    Yeah, as it turns out, zombie-like mobs can in fact attack you through walls, or more to the point, the

  • Ni-237K
    Ni-237K Il y a an +904

    Legends say he's still looking for his bread in the Nether

  • Tyler Butschli
    Tyler Butschli Il y a an +478

    Person: “yeah I’m a vegetarian”

  • zabieru
    zabieru Il y a an +2


  • AaronPTB
    AaronPTB Il y a an +352


  • Theyeetchamp
    Theyeetchamp Il y a an +447

    So basically Nightmare difficulty is actually like how our life is outside gaming world

  • Terminated Membership
    Terminated Membership Il y a an +13

    im binge-watching some of Wadzee's videos recently, and he has made me drink more water today than I drank last month with those water checkpoints.

  • Louis-B42
    Louis-B42 Il y a an +236


  • Zapper333

    Therapist: Double-Wielded Wither Skeleton isn't real, it can't hurt you.

  • TheGreatKnowing
    TheGreatKnowing Il y a an +4

    Fundy: "I bet Wadzee can't beat THIS!"

  • Andrezits
    Andrezits Il y a an +68

    Fundy: "I've spent months making this difficulty as hard as it could get"