I Found the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#46)

  • Ajoutée 22 juin 2021
  • I Found the RARE Blue Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore, this is the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft! In the NEW Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update they introduced Axolotls into the game, a new mob which comes in multiple different colours. In this video I show you have to find the BLUE Axolotl in Minecraft. Also, I made an Axolotl Farm in Minecraft Hardcore. ENJOY
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Commentaires • 13 983

  • WadZee
    WadZee   +9

    So what should I name my new Axolotl friends?

  • AlexslizFishing

    Make a zoo with all the animals, like pandas, polerbears etc …

  • Brod Ster
    Brod Ster  +831

    Fun fact: in episode 21 of this series he found a zombie with full diamond armor which is rarer than this axolotl

  • Evan Kray
    Evan Kray  +543

    I remember when he was confused as to why everyone wanted his world seed. The luck of the spawns is why

  • CallfeeStayns


  • Ultra instinct Ichigo

    Wadzee must have a really good gamer chair.

  • Azrael-45
    Azrael-45  +110

    So I know you drained an ocean monument and you’ve drained lava in the nether but can you turn an desert temple into an ocean desert temple surround it with glass fill it with water 💦 add fish, replace sand in the temple with coral and yada yada. You know add your personal flair. I think it would make a good video. Thanks man I really enjoy your builds.

  • Iacob Matei

    WadZee's world:"Do you own a blue Axolotl?"

  • Celestic
    Celestic  +784

    "We added rare features for long term players"

  • Joao Santana

    Wadzee: Ok let’s find a blue axolotl for content

  • ꧁〢Gød×   zMårs⌁꧂

    I'm really sad to say that water checkpoint and shoutout machine are no more, they will always be remembered in our memories!!😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • ashbashdash

    i love it how all of wadzee’s builds are so pointless but so good

  • Piper Mahon

    i keep forgetting that its hardcore, it seems like you have no worries about dieing

  • Nubfist
    Nubfist  +224

    The dedication that you have to still be playing this after like, 2 year. Truly admirable.

  • Glitchtrap

    The amount of effort he puts into his builds are breathtaking. You deserve ever subscriber!

  • Woomycraft
    Woomycraft  +167


  • bot meat shody

    Yo WadZee, make the Statue of Liberty with just copper. For the base and the torch you could use anything

  • Alvaro Dzeko

    It would be nice to build an entrance for the axolotl farm with the form of a huge axolotl

  • CreamPeach

    I have a tip for the axolotl farm instead of using regular glass you could just use the new type of glass that light doesn't go threw and maybe more axolotls will Spawn

  • Evillord
    Evillord  +313

    This is made even cooler by the fact that the blue axol won’t even be naturally spawned for much longer. They say that he’s going to become available only through breeding.