STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore... (#1)

  • Ajoutée 12 déc. 2021
  • I'm Starting Over in my 2 year old hardcore world, I've travelled thousands of blocks away and locked all my items in an obsidian box... and I can't retrieve them until I've completed 3 objectives...
    I'm Starting Over in Minecraft Hardcore because my world is really old, so in order to properly experience the NEW Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update, I'm getting a fresh start!
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Commentaires • 8 814

  • Beppo
    Beppo  +8

    its so funny watching someone start from nothing but have 177 levels XD

  • Joseph Rem
    Joseph Rem  +634

    I love how he said he would keep the rabbit foot in his off hand, then immediately switches to the flint and steel then the shield

  • Imirami Khanirami

    "This game pretty much becomes easy mode when you get enough food"

  • ~Jessie~
    ~Jessie~  +319

    WadZee: “Hardcore basically then becomes Easy Mode.”

  • Random Stuff with Ryan

    I sure hope he has a save of his world so whenever he does die he can easily get it back and see everything.

  • John Zach
    John Zach  +168

    Me watching Wadzee use the logs to cook his meat:

  • Crazy Round Man

    1 minute in and hes already trying to get his netherite back. This is gonna go well

  • Arialdy
    Arialdy  +164

    Ok this guy is indeed a great content creator, the quality of these videos is insane! Keep up the good work; I'm willing to keep watching this new chapter.

  • Eshan Ahmed

    Let’s take a minute to realise that he starts and ends at 177 exp

  • zijuiy wttuy


  • nijuo joing


  • slayer slasher

    SUGESTION : once u get op levels ( 500 to 600 ) and stacked then you can go to 1.14 (with 1.14 and below items only) and enchant diamond armour with every type of prot and enchantment for armour since it works and go back and make the diamond armour netherite (you can also make backup )

  • Prithvi Production

    "I'm gonna keep this rabbit foot for the rest of the episode for lucky charm"

  • Myrddin Kinsman

    Logs smelt the same amount of items as 1 plank,so it's better to turn logs into planks when you want to smelt stuff

  • Gabriel Ladino

    WadZee: *kills normal mobs

  • Sarah Veien

    Hey wadzee, I always love your videos! I know you just started over but what if you eventually did a challenge where you try to collect every single individual block in hard core? I saw Shulkercraft do a video similar

  • Trademarc21

    Just a tip Wadzee: mobs can now only spawn when the light level is 0. You don't need to place torches every 5-6 blocks anymore. Also, diamonds now spawn most frequently at bedrock level.

  • שלומי ליברמן

    I've been following you for almost three years and from what I see you're just a huge talent. Every video you manage to make is so interesting and so ingenious that it's just a shock to see such talent. Thank you for years of enjoyment and success in the new series!

  • Swift Lego's alt

    Make a new melon farm going in the direction of the old one so that it will eventually connect

  • Deathname
    Deathname  +14

    let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️