Minecraft, But There Are Custom Spyglasses...

  • Ajoutée 1 août 2021
  • In this video I will be beating Minecraft, But There are CUSTOM SPYGLASSES! Using a custom spyglass mod, I can now do things like: destroy everything I look at, or turn everything to GOLD!
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Commentaires • 6 070

  • Blazing Obsidian Official

    Didn't think wadzee would like spyglasses anymore, especially after him risking his end build for a spyglass achievement

  • Seema Anjum


  • Charles Hampson

    Wadzee deserves these OP items after beating Fundy's impossible modes.

  • lord28
    lord28  +83

    I haven't watched WadZee in a long time, and WOW! The editing is absolutely phenomonal!

  • TumbleY
    TumbleY  +332


  • EG_Manifest510

    a teleporter spyglass could actually work in vanilla, just use eye of ender instead of amethyst or something, and give it a cooldown.

  • Vignesh Kamath

    Who else misses

  • Soumil Marwah

    "Ok let's try something fancy"

  • Ultraminer
    Ultraminer  +322

    xNestorio: "I'm the fastest obsidian miner on FRclip."

  • Sapphairis River

    WDZ: That’s the easiest fortress I’ve ever found in my life.

  • Ithenna
    Ithenna  +510

    Wadzee: Has a hardcore world where he's survived dragons, withers, guardians, and armies of zombie piglins, all with the usual vanilla gear.

  • Fine Arts
    Fine Arts  +142

    WadZee could've literally used that Ender spyglass thing to cross the tunnel but no he wanted to just run

  • Johannes Herzog

    Fun fact: If you want to produce more amethyst crystals, mine the Blocks around the budding amethyst (the blocks you can't mine, which produce the crystals). Since the Crystals can grow on every side of the budding amethyst, you increase the speed farming speed of those crystals by A LOT. :)

  • Rhys Vanschaik

    Brings up a good point, spyglasses rn have an… alright use. But having magic spyglasses or magic lenses might make them really useful, such as under water clarity or mob highlighting

  • Lachlan Neill-Ballantine

    I've been really sick the past few days for different reasons and not been able to do anything but lie in bed and go on my phone and i gotta say: watching Wadzee and his optimism brightens my day :))

  • kamau?
    kamau?  +132

    wadzee: spends hours upon hours of time making a netherite beacon

  • chubby
    chubby  +95

    Wadzee when he finds a god apple: oh ok that's nice

  • CustomName
    CustomName  +245

    The custom spy glasses? Hello my brothers.

  • LukePlayz
    LukePlayz  +44

    I love how he completely missed a ruined portal really right at the beginning

  • SanityMC

    I literally could never thought that spyglasses could be this useful and OP...