I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)

  • Ajoutée 14 mars 2021
  • Today I'm Going to be Transforming the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is one of the most unique and creative builds I've ever done, as I had to drain a lava ocean in the nether.
    This video is inspired by the time I Transformed the END Dimension in Minecraft to look like the overworld!
    Watch the series from episode 1:
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    "Transforming the END into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#31)"
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Commentaires • 29 976

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a an +19

    This is officially the longest video I've ever posted to date.

  • Lucas Alba
    Lucas Alba Il y a an +25

    Why not a giant Nether/End world ... in OVERWORLD ? Would be interesting.

  • Clayton Delaney

    Wad: "I put 20 hours into this video"

  • eddie2therescue61

    Wadzee: makes overworld in the nether

  • •marilynn•

    Can we just talk about how organised this man is, and the face he took time out if his life to do this? Good job man.

  • Ceporalles
    Ceporalles  +550

    WadZee: " Im out of digging"

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers  +148

    That looks great. Blue blocks and white wool on the ceiling could have created a sky for that area, but it would also be even more work.

  • R3venxnt
    R3venxnt Il y a an +1

    WadZee: "I need to figure out what shape this CIRCLE is going to be"

  • CatHasAQuestion

    This dude is making the overworld in a lava ocean in hardcore mode

  • Colton Clevenger

    I love how wadzee didn't realize that he could place a torch under the sand while digging it back up.

  • Jo24Park


  • Mx Math
    Mx Math  +527

    No one:

  • Londier
    Londier  +23

    This is so damn cool, I am really impressed! You made it look natural which I think is really hard to accomplish! Love it😍

  • Julius Morgan
    Julius Morgan Il y a an +299

    Honestly this man does more in hardcore than most people can do in creative.

  • Berwin McCubbin

    i love how the only real problem for this was actually the mob that killed me on my VERY FIRST trip to the Nether, which lasted about 3 seconds because the ghast was literally on the other side of the portal.

  • Nicholas Patrick

    You should add layer's of blue glass so it gives that see threw affect for the river but gets it darker just don't add to many layers or it will look weird.

  • James AMote

    i am giving u mad props WadZee for putting the amount of time, effort and dedication u put into that build

  • Andy Mir
    Andy Mir  +23

    That is some grind, my sir.

  • Henry Oxley

    I recommend that you swap out the oak trees for the new azalia trees. Maybe also add some moss carpet to make the grass look greener.

  • Fly Robo
    Fly Robo Il y a an +1

    can we all appreciate how determined this guy really is