Minecraft, but EVERYTHING is a Time Bomb...

  • Ajoutée 8 avril 2021
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    In this video I try beating Minecraft but everything is a time bomb. This is the Minecraft time bomb datapack created by iGrantastic. This datapack makes it so EVERYTHING in Minecraft Explodes after a short amount of time. Will I be able to beat Minecraft but everything explodes? watch the whole video to find out!
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Commentaires • 5 013

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a an +1202

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  • Thundar
    Thundar Il y a an +537

    WadZee: "I can't die which basically makes it impossible."
    Also WadZee: Most content is hardcore Minecraft

  • BlueBlaze
    BlueBlaze Il y a an +676

    Wadzee didn't realise he could turn the ender dragon into a time bomb

  • Paradise
    Paradise Il y a an +248

    Imagine WadZee joins the Dream SMP and in the most climactic part of a lore stream, WadZee interrupts everyone and is like, “ALRIGHT! Water checkpoint!”

    • Fiyibomi Olabode
      Fiyibomi Olabode Il y a 3 mois

      @AJAX I found another stan

    • -_-
      -_- Il y a 4 mois

      @Patrick. Then show me a video that he did a water checkpoint in recent months

    • Mudklip
      Mudklip Il y a 6 mois +3

      @AJAX no u

    • AJAX
      AJAX Il y a 7 mois +1

      @Mreko Zack cringe comment lol

    • Mreko Zack
      Mreko Zack Il y a 10 mois +10

      @yakko tbh, I dont mind if its wadzee who gets the stan bc wadzee himself is a good person unlike that dream dude

  • Hamza F
    Hamza F Il y a an +90

    " *Fortunately* all this endermen hunting happened over a period of 3 hours"
    You ok Wadzee?

  • Geografija 11
    Geografija 11 Il y a an +412

    Everybody gangsta until Ender Dragon become time bomb.

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Il y a an +1951

    "Killer Queen has already touched this world."

    • The One
      The One Il y a mois

      Kirra Queenu

    • Edric Cheng
      Edric Cheng Il y a 8 mois


    • Spyhack Thefool
      Spyhack Thefool Il y a 9 mois

      Haha nc

    • carbunny
      carbunny Il y a 9 mois

      Minecraft but I have the world and can stop time

    • Yeah Boi
      Yeah Boi Il y a 10 mois

      I was thinking that I went too the comments to check for this 😂

  • Jeroen Schipper
    Jeroen Schipper Il y a an +12

    Idea for your hardcore series:
    I would love to see you restore generated structures like bastions

    • CaptainBoom14
      CaptainBoom14 Il y a 8 mois +1

      I did that in creative once, and i plan to do it in survival soon

  • Allen Jeo
    Allen Jeo Il y a an +2

    Can we just appreciate how good Wadzee's gameplay and his editing skills have improved 'God Level'

  • Mesthy
    Mesthy Il y a an +3

    I've been playing afk arena for almost two years now and seeing wadzee being sponsored by them makes me happy :D
    it's genuinely a good game

  • После Дождичка в Четверг

    WadZee: so everyone explodes as far I come close
    Creeper: yep, that's what I'm here for

  • orangepeanut
    orangepeanut Il y a an +3808

    Creepers: *first time?*

  • Cazza the kid
    Cazza the kid Il y a an +14

    Wadzee: I might be a bomb!?
    Shigechi: First time?

  • Alec Sollars
    Alec Sollars Il y a an +1

    Alright WadZee, I binged the entire hardcore series in 2 days. It’s more than impressive, but where’s the next one, I need it 😂

  • Creeperizing
    Creeperizing Il y a an +2

    You know Minecraft is a great game when even if the enderman having a 3s exploding time, you can still manage to get ender peards by putting hoppers underneath pigmans and throwing golds for them from far away

  • Programmer-X31
    Programmer-X31 Il y a an

    Man, it would have been a teeny tiny bit easier to build the Netherite Beacon with this scenario.

  • Kyril Kavetsky
    Kyril Kavetsky Il y a an +25

    If I die from dehydration, this video will be Exhibit A for convicting WadZee

  • Free-zer
    Free-zer Il y a an +37

    It's like that one room that Mettaton have for Frisk... Everything is a time bomb...

    • JaynMF
      JaynMF Il y a 8 mois +1


    • Flames
      Flames Il y a an +7

      The dog? TIME BOMB
      The water? TIME BOMB
      The script? TIME BOMB
      The basketball? TIME BOMB

    • Dumitrita Adam
      Dumitrita Adam Il y a an +6

      Finally I found a comment to relate to

  • C.J.
    C.J. Il y a an +7

    When you watch a wadzee marathon and you drink a gallon of water

  • willboeing1
    willboeing1 Il y a an +1

    Great video Wadzee! How do you see in the dark caves without torches?

  • Kadian
    Kadian Il y a an +16

    WadZee: i can blow up ANYTHING i get close too
    WadZee in the dragon fight: *doesn't get near dragon
    I thought he was gonna get near the dragon

  • PogguRBLX
    PogguRBLX Il y a an +22

    "Minecraft but you have to socially distance"

  • since1876
    since1876 Il y a 6 mois +1

    I love how endermen can teleport but somehow they get stuck in boats 😂

  • Flynn Rausser
    Flynn Rausser Il y a an +6

    I like how he just casually ignores the fire in the background

  • DeathMaze Gaming
    DeathMaze Gaming Il y a an +302

    Fun fact : Wadzee channel is too exploding through amazing content.

  • milkyplier
    milkyplier Il y a an +3

    Alternative Title: If Minecraft was an action film

  • Its Random
    Its Random Il y a an

    Lets be honest... The way he did this challenge could not have been done by anyone.. It was nearly impossible

  • Pyrothe Dragon12
    Pyrothe Dragon12 Il y a an

    This man doesn't really get the respect he deserves

  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright Il y a an +2

    You could've used a dropper to dispense gold from far away to trade with piglins

  • 18_Kishore Ratnu
    18_Kishore Ratnu Il y a an +95

    We should appreciate him as he spends so much time on his videos

    • Yrrah
      Yrrah Il y a an

      We do or atleast I do

  • JorgYT
    JorgYT Il y a an +15

    Alternate title: Everything is a constantly ticking creeper

    • Oceans
      Oceans Il y a an

      Alt title: everything is a creeper disguised as a mob or block

  • KennaLikesPizza
    KennaLikesPizza Il y a an +7

    I lost it every time he was like "yeah guys we're doing so good right n-NEVERMIND NEVERMIND NEVERMIND NEVERMIND"

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark Il y a an

    His strat is running away from inevitable explosions, when it should be setting blocks down.

  • Hazel Cappuccino
    Hazel Cappuccino Il y a an

    How about doing same thing but in hardcore? I'm sure you will beat it

  • Kellynator K
    Kellynator K Il y a an +273

    "Maybe it's just easier if I make all my enemies explode"
    Wadzee just summed up all war leaders in that sentence

  • AnalTeflon
    AnalTeflon Il y a 3 mois

    That is probably the most anxiety I've had watching a video on FRclip haha. I think in honour of the Enderman he should build a Giant one holding a block of grass.

  • greenjc12
    greenjc12 Il y a an

    Even if endermen exploded on a faster timer, you could still get pearls by setting up a dispenser which you could activate from afar and dispense gold near piglins (Assuming items only explode if you're close to them, which I believe is the case).

  • Hazylane
    Hazylane Il y a 10 mois +1

    Ah yes the old timely method of mining. Strapping dynamite to your pickaxe and throwing it.

  • Hycaps
    Hycaps Il y a an

    You can use this to your advantage and use the blocks as throwable explosives

  • Swapnil Purohit
    Swapnil Purohit Il y a an +303

    WadZee : Forgets the Water Checkpoint
    Me : Dies of dehydration

  • drip gene
    drip gene Il y a an

    "kill the mobs fast"
    proceeds to use an axe, the slowest weapon in the game

    AAJBOSS Il y a an +2

    Minecraft but everything is a time bomb
    Creepers: “Well now you know how I feel.”

  • Jesus B
    Jesus B Il y a an

    I usually skip the ad but that transition was smooth 👌. Make sure to check out AFK Arena guys!

  • John Bento
    John Bento Il y a an

    I feel I was the only one expecting the dragon to also be time-bombed.

  • Belle Razumovsky
    Belle Razumovsky Il y a an +213

    Think about how easy it would be to get Netherite armor.
    Drops seeds or flowers: finds 3 ancient debris

    • Extremelightning
      Extremelightning Il y a an


    • Szymusu
      Szymusu Il y a an +2

      @Utkarsh Gupta blocks don't drop, watch closely. It would be huge chain reaction every time

    • Teddy here
      Teddy here Il y a an +2

      @Utkarsh Gupta gupta ji jyada dimag mat lagao 😂

  • I’m A Sloth Deal With It

    Imagine the exp from the ender dragon was on a time bomb aswell

  • Nikola Bistrovic
    Nikola Bistrovic Il y a an

    You should transform your stronghold into something beautiful in your hardcore world

  • Josh Berry
    Josh Berry Il y a an +2

    Imagine when a mob blew up blocks drop it would create an infinite chain of explosions 👌

  • Henry Merkel
    Henry Merkel Il y a an

    Can’t be a “strong and beautiful team” without the Zee in it. I demand they add you.

  • Lucy Hutchin
    Lucy Hutchin Il y a an +204

    Anyone else slightly disappointed he didn't check if the dragon was a time bomb?

    • Arto Harto
      Arto Harto Il y a mois

      More disappointed he didn't just dump the cobblestone he had and blow the dragon up.

    • Horizon
      Horizon Il y a an +1

      @Why am I Here ik lol i find it funny that they faked the check too

    • NottaVegan
      NottaVegan Il y a an

      @TommyInnit ꤶ whaa

    • NottaVegan
      NottaVegan Il y a an


    • Michał Pluciński
      Michał Pluciński Il y a an


  • 4rng
    4rng Il y a an

    i feel like wadzee should be added to the dream smp

  • Alexander Gustafsson

    Good job WadZee :)

  • andrew alcock
    andrew alcock Il y a an +52

    "everything you drop becomes time bombs"
    Killer queen daisan no bakudan bits za dusto

    • Bread
      Bread Il y a an

      damn didn't even think about that

  • Dennis Lubert
    Dennis Lubert Il y a 6 mois

    This would be so much more fun if the destroyed blocks dropped and became timebombs themselves

  • Cosse Appel
    Cosse Appel Il y a an +210

    Get ready for the ''who saw wadzee randomly but now watches him daily'' shenanigans

    • Bessie Hardesty
      Bessie Hardesty Il y a an

      @Maniac Memes You are driving me crazy with these links

    • Aoto S
      Aoto S Il y a an +1

      @ib o we can?

    • ib
      ib Il y a an +1

      @Aoto S You can report those accounts for spam

  • Milkshake
    Milkshake Il y a an +3

    So with AFK arena I can cook my bananas and play the game at the same time?
    That’s amazing!!! I need this so I’m not bored while I’m watching my banana burn. Good

  • tweettygrl
    tweettygrl Il y a an +2

    ive been here around 425k subscribers im so proud of you WadZee and seeing you have 3 million subscribers i love you so much ❤️❤️

  • Risinu Wijesekara
    Risinu Wijesekara Il y a an

    I have been watching wadzee for sooooooo long and i understand the pain he goes through to make content. (im not a youtuber btw)

  • burnt into oblivion

    imagine the XP being time bombs aswell

  • James Pigeon
    James Pigeon Il y a an +874

    day 9 of asking Wadzee to build a castle out of melons called ‘Melon Manor’ in his hardcore world

  • Isaac Rogers
    Isaac Rogers Il y a an

    Any mob: Exists
    WadZee: “Do you want to explode?”

  • Mark David
    Mark David Il y a an +1

    I was hoping for him to set the ender dragon as a time bomb and just wait leisurely 😂😂😂

  • 1ocal
    1ocal Il y a mois

    so basically entities are time bombed, way to make the mod look more detailed

  • Jacob3XTR3M3
    Jacob3XTR3M3 Il y a an +1

    🥳 Congratulations on 3 million subscribers wadzee!!! 🥳

  • TwistedKO
    TwistedKO Il y a an +80

    WadZee: “for once the arrow explosives are on my side”
    Me: “just explode the dragon by taking a few steps??”

  • Mitchell Mifflin
    Mitchell Mifflin Il y a an

    Wadzee: Finds a single diamond.
    Also Wadzee: Finds pigstep.

  • burnt into oblivion

    easier way to get flint from some gravel quickly. put a torch at the base of a tree and place the gravel repetitively on the tree trunk a few blocks above the torch. then it breaks by itself. i'm sure you know that already but didn't think of it in the moment

  • The Clashing Crafter
    The Clashing Crafter Il y a an +1

    The sponsorship was so smooth it took me 10 seconds to process it

  • Ethan Spackman
    Ethan Spackman Il y a an

    3:28 "That makes everything impossible"
    Fundy: am I a joke to you?

  • Ryan Roese
    Ryan Roese Il y a an +22

    Wadzee’s editing skills recently have been top notch

  • Pavese शांति
    Pavese शांति Il y a 5 mois

    As a wise man once said "These things are ticking time bags"

  • PP
    PP Il y a an +7

    Actual title: Minecraft but everything is creeper

  • Xeno With Le AK
    Xeno With Le AK Il y a an

    "Maybe its better if i just make my enemies explode?"
    *the art of war*

  • Gabriel Etherington
    Gabriel Etherington Il y a 11 mois

    wadzee : makes rediculously insane challenges that im not exactly sure how tf he motivates himself to do
    wisp: lets see if i can beat the game but when i take damage i get a random op item.
    CaN I dO It??? * ends up with 8 stacks of diamonds at the end of the vid *

  • Jigglethemonke
    Jigglethemonke Il y a an +240

    "Killer Queen has already touched this world."

    • Ameer Zuher
      Ameer Zuher Il y a an

      Really? Jojo reference? Here ?
      I guess you guys are about half way to take over the world 🙃

    • Antonio Man
      Antonio Man Il y a an +1

      Would ya look at that... jojo fans about to conquer the comment section

    • Doubledaredevil
      Doubledaredevil Il y a an +1

      Ah yes JoJos bizzare adventure.

  • Philma Aisime
    Philma Aisime Il y a an

    I always find videos like this entertaining

  • Tudor 73
    Tudor 73 Il y a an

    #HardcoreIdea You could do some sort of a farm with a big barn where you will keep all of you animals and the will be a bunch of crops to.

  • Brandon Oliver Sosa

    Imagine if the ender dragon xp orbs were also bombs.

  • Novaduck _iv
    Novaduck _iv Il y a an

    Was really hoping you'd just drop a stack of cobblestone in the portal frame when the dragon perched lol

  • Rando?
    Rando? Il y a an +3

    Wadzee in your next Minecraft hard core you should customize a strong hold and turn it into a cool bunker

  • xPrqf_
    xPrqf_ Il y a an

    Alternative title: Exploding every single mob I come close to

  • Jeremiah Jackson
    Jeremiah Jackson Il y a an +1

    I was legit one of the best players in AFK arena when I quit, and I had forgotten to save it on the cloud so I lost everything

  • Solo1254
    Solo1254 Il y a an

    Would it have been possible to just walk up to the dragon and have it explode?

  • Cherry Gaming
    Cherry Gaming Il y a an

    I love AFK arena. Legit no ads and you don't have to buy an ad blocker.

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy Il y a an +1

    Today I missed his giant melon farm 😌

  • kevyn buy
    kevyn buy Il y a an

    He should've just went up to the ender dragon and turn it into a time bomb.

  • boston922
    boston922 Il y a an +1

    This is the first time I enjoyed seeing AFK arena appear lol

  • LilacMonarch
    LilacMonarch Il y a an +164

    "Basically, I'm not allowed to die"
    Chests: Am I a joke to you?

    • Eric Yang
      Eric Yang Il y a an +1

      I mean he did use chests like at his nether portal but yeah he couldve used chests more

    • nam333
      nam333 Il y a an +1

      @Sidеmеn 🅥 tf is that?

  • Jake Mason
    Jake Mason Il y a an +1

    I guess you could say this was an explosive video

  • Anna Amsua
    Anna Amsua Il y a 2 mois

    you can also just place the boat in front of you and look at the endermen! maybe you already figured out by now, but wanted to let you know :))

  • Noah Soloski
    Noah Soloski Il y a 20 jours

    Honestly it's really cool just being able to throw bombs basically

  • Dustin Who
    Dustin Who Il y a an

    I want to see Wadzee and Technoblade together.

  • Ruben Ramirez
    Ruben Ramirez Il y a an

    Hey wadzee, if there was a way to put impossible++ and this together would you do it?

  • Michelle Do
    Michelle Do Il y a 9 mois

    I just subscribed! I really enjoy your videos! Keep up the great work👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩

  • Jithendran P
    Jithendran P Il y a an

    WadZee : Bread, Bed, Oh I doomed you (by going near a poor innocent 2 IQ clerik)

  • Luffy✅
    Luffy✅ Il y a an

    In this video, WadZee literally SPEEDRUN.

  • Cringe God
    Cringe God Il y a an +537

    I’m dying of thirst I need the water checkpoint

    • Cat Cake
      Cat Cake Il y a an +1

      that´s what I wanted to say

    • Failure 44
      Failure 44 Il y a an +1


      ALLU GAMER Il y a an +2

      @Joel Mok Wen Xuan hard work and ypu will get it 🌹🌹🌹 good luck 😘😘

  • DuelKing146
    DuelKing146 Il y a an

    Wadzee has MrBeast levels of commitment on his hardcore world

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple Il y a an

    I would constanly make and throw sticks at what I want to explode. Sticks are harmless to craft, and you get 4 at a time, as opposed to say, dirt and cobblestone. Just constantly throw sticks down a hole, and boom, easy access to the diamond level lol.

  • PolyBotics
    PolyBotics Il y a an

    “14 is a great number.”
    *Skeppy intensifies*