UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)

  • Ajoutée 2 mars 2021
  • In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold & I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!
    Gold Farm Tutorial:
    "Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"
    Watch the Series from Episode 1:
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7z9M... .
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Commentaires • 28 284

  • Zsomac
    Zsomac Il y a an +4

    what about a giant melon out of melons? or a planet?

  • Mule
    Mule  +1

    I love how WadZee just casually points out that he is on day 2000. Like so many youtubers that do the "100 days" genre will make that a big deal lol.

  • HaykGuy 14
    HaykGuy 14 Il y a an +247

    Tip: For these gold farms you can use the rotten flesh to trade with clerics for emeralds since that’s a trade they have.

  • HunterCool22


  • HunterCool22

    WadZee: “I am aware I could’ve just built a portal on top of the Nether, but I do think this is a better solution.”

  • Ant
    Ant  +15

    Golden carrots are amazing, but the reason they're the best is because you can trade with villagers for it

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies Il y a an +8

    How about a MELONETHER FORTRESS in the nether

  • TheoPvP
    TheoPvP  +248

    WadZee has got to start trading with villagers, there are so many items he can get in minutes that he spends hours on lol

  • Brobery
    Brobery Il y a an +477

    WadZee: Magma blocks looks like honeycombs!

  • Phantomsinit

    I feel great sadness for any of my fellow bedrock players that have to create advanced redstone to make a good farm ;(

  • Money Man
    Money Man Il y a an +449

    I just realized that there’s so many things he has made that he should make a world tour

  • ColdSlayer

    For anyone building this and dont want to deal with ghasts i h v a tip lower your render distance to 2 chunks when building it then ghasts wont swpan and after building it whole check the ghast spawn by increasing distance

  • Dezzix
    Dezzix Il y a an +84

    Try making a giant melon out of the melons and some other blocks, as this would perfectly symbolise how much time you've spent planting them and essentially make it have come full circle.

  • Potentes
    Potentes Il y a an +693

    WadZee: Breaks a hole in the bedrock

  • Realistic Power

    I love the fact that Wadzee often use Shulkercraft tutorials to build farms because it is so efficient

  • Faizan Mohsin

    Tip : Just Lift 3 Or 4 Blocks Up from the Down and the zombified piglins wont die and it would be an XP FARM AS WELL

  • Megh Rana
    Megh Rana Il y a an +6

    What you'd have to do is you let the dropper to a repeater or a chain of repeaters and set it's timing so that it drops at a delay as piglins give you trade after a certain amount of time, or else what you could do make another filter of gold so when they are trading they do not pick up the gold so you cycle the gd not picked up in the system

  • cuthbut1

    I built one of these a while ago, the design i settled on needed like 13k magma blocks actually built a magma slime farm in order to facilitate the large gold farm i wanted to build good times. Will be curious to see your spin on it. xD

  • StampyFanSince2011
    StampyFanSince2011 Il y a an +355

    I love that damage is not a problem to him anymore, it is just "annoying".

  • Gretgor
    Gretgor Il y a an +4

    I gotta wonder, how does WadZee manage to make something as tedious as building a monster farm into a fun and entertaining video? Cuz he always manages, somehow!