I Built a DRAGON in Minecraft Hardcore (#44)

  • Ajoutée 6 juin 2021
  • Today I BUILT A DRAGON IN MINECRAFT in my Hardcore Minecraft Lets Play! I built a giant ender dragon in survival minecraft and it took a long time!
    Watch the series from episode 1:
    ▸I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)
    ▸I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)
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    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-​​ ...
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Commentaires • 17 240

  • Cindy Shields

    Make a huge wither and make it where it looks like it's fighting the enderdragon and its shooting a skull at it and the dragon is shooting its purple fire breath at the skull. That would be awesome

  • mouse
    mouse  +1

    "Im not that good at building"

  • Altitude Loki

    Who else kinda forgot that wadzee still has to worry about death in this series?

  • Watame_lon
    Watame_lon  +945

    I swear if Wadzee died in hardcore we're all gonna cry

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu  +802

    Bruh Wadzee’s the definition of “Imma do some off-camera mining” but he does it on camera instead…


    dude I feel like leaving a like on the video isn’t enough appreciation for how much effort was put in 😭

  •  ShortHax

    Next up: How to build the city where I live in hardcore mode

  • Godly Gamers

    He doesn't need creative mode. Creative mode needs him🥶

  • Dena Berry
    Dena Berry  +176

    "Most ambitious build yet." Me remembering the netherite beacon episode

  • Wanda
    Wanda  +519

    An idea for pointless building, a circle with all overworld biomes

  • Hydroblaze
    Hydroblaze  +196

    Let's take a moment of silence for all the squid's lives who were sacrificed for this build

  • M..a..l..
    M..a..l..  +79

    he is doing so much hard work just for the viewers, i love his builds and he is so creative

  • Charles Hampson

    "This is the most absurd thing I've ever done in this world"

  • Mysterious Dachshund

    He’s gotten so good and editing and building. I get excited every time he posts a video. <3

  • Mr.Nobody
    Mr.Nobody  +267

    Next episode be like: today I'm redoing the over world all over again

  • D A Z L L Z

    Man, this isn't a pointless building, this is a masterpiece

  • SuperZest
    SuperZest  +62

    Mojang : This game is all about to defeat the bosses and the game ends

  • Kramdnil
    Kramdnil  +53

    Wadzee is the only person that could say “I did some off-camera grinding” and people would actually believe him lmao

  • Allen LeCorre

    WadZee: “I’m not a great builder”

  • I like cookies

    I like how WadZee just casually makes a full iron beacon underground