Minecraft but I Transform Into EVERY Mob I Kill

  • Ajoutée 12 janv. 2021
  • Minecraft But I Play as EVERY Mob I Kill, and I always have to play as the last mob I killed. Today I tried Beating Minecraft Using the Morph Mod, a mod that lets allows Playing as ANY Mob in Minecraft! Will I be able to beat Minecraft but I transform into every mob I kill? Watch the whole video to find out!
    Minecraft Identity Mod Download:
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Commentaires • 9 169

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a an +4

    Thank you so much for the recent support!

  • Patrick Burchfield
    Patrick Burchfield Il y a an +1

    Little did he know that if he presses "R" he can shoot fireballs as a blaze

  • Teo Botha
    Teo Botha Il y a an +358

    WadZee’s use of sound effects and memes is absolutely

  • Poultry Man
    Poultry Man Il y a an +365

    "If you're ever wondering what life is like as a 6 foot tall individual, this is it"

  • Solar 496
    Solar 496 Il y a an +781

    I tried this mod out and just so happened to forget about the rule and ended up killing the ender dragon as a damn silverfish. How humiliating for the dragon!

  • lord28
    lord28 Il y a an +650

    An iron golem wearing iron armour is the equivalent of a human wearing a different persons skin.

  • StaryB1ight
    StaryB1ight Il y a an +287

    Well... as soon as i saw the title, i was like: “Impossible” because if you kill the ender dragon, and you turn into it, did you really kill it?

  • Bakudan Kame
    Bakudan Kame Il y a an +3

    Alternate title: Wadzee's quest to turn himself into the ender dragon.

  • Tofu Creates Stuff
    Tofu Creates Stuff Il y a an +91

    "Can someone do a 2 month investigation of how unlucky I am"

  • Mr. Simulation
    Mr. Simulation Il y a an +74

    Wadzee: Is an iron golem.

  • Hyrum Cannon
    Hyrum Cannon Il y a an +80


  • Mehtab Ullah Anan
    Mehtab Ullah Anan Il y a an +133

    This is literally,

  • Suzanne is so radical
    Suzanne is so radical Il y a an +38

    Alternative title: wadzee commits murder and identity theft in a block game

  • Philip O.
    Philip O. Il y a an +3

    Full Netherite armor:

  • Shaily Sharma
    Shaily Sharma Il y a an +286

    Imagine if he kills a wither and fights the dragon as a wither

  • Yoru Desu
    Yoru Desu Il y a an +90

    If a normal blaze unlocked his true potential. This is what is more likely to happen.

  • ShadyShrimp
    ShadyShrimp Il y a an +196

    Everybodys gangsta till he transforms as the enderdragon or wither.

  • FiRE Cloud
    FiRE Cloud Il y a an +1

    Man i remember watching wadzee back when he was doing his first skyblock series.. crazy to see how much growth he has gotten and how many subs he has amased over such a small period of time. Wah wah army forever lads!

  • Gabe Atiyeh


  • Pablo
    Pablo Il y a an +6

    Im a horse on a horse