I Transformed an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#38)

  • Ajoutée 25 mars 2021
  • Today I am going to be Transforming an Ocean Monument in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is PART 2 of this project, following the previous episode, I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore!
    In a week I transformed an Ocean Monument into a Jungle Biome.
    If you enjoyed this video, check out this one:
    "I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"
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Commentaires • 29 151

    MR FUPPU Il y a an +19100

    Who saw wadzee randomly but now watches him daily

  • Christian Bayley
    Christian Bayley Il y a 10 mois +905

    Wadzee: needs water in middle of ocean
    Also Wadzee: goes to small pool of water on island

  • TheOneRebeka
    TheOneRebeka Il y a 10 mois +174

    Wadzee: This is going to be very boring, very tedious, but I'll do it.
    Me: He's so heroic.

    • Adventure Lukey
      Adventure Lukey Il y a mois

      What's the song called that plays at 14:17 ? Can anyone tell me?

  • micka
    micka Il y a 11 mois +37

    just a quick idea I got when I was looking at when you built the ruins and stuff, I actually thought it would be cool if you'd build kind of a mini cemetery/graveyard somewhere

    • EMmA
      EMmA Il y a 16 jours


    • Adventure Lukey
      Adventure Lukey Il y a mois

      What's the song called that plays at 14:17 ? Can anyone tell me?

  • Just Fr_g_
    Just Fr_g_ Il y a 11 mois +68

    I’m just binge watching his whole hardcore series

  • TON-618
    TON-618 Il y a an +1428

    I just realized it would be so cool to get some mobs in there, like to have a couple pandas, ocelots, or parrots.

    • Kelly Selzler
      Kelly Selzler Il y a 17 jours +1

      Yeah I agree dude I love ocelots i’ve even tried to tame one once!!!!

    • STX_Fire
      STX_Fire Il y a 2 mois +1

      That is actually a good idea

    • AK
      AK Il y a 5 mois +2

      @Player X well wadzee already lured 2 pandas thousands of blocks to breed them and make a panda farm

    • MadsPokePas
      MadsPokePas Il y a 5 mois +1

      @WingedFish117 The mobs would just despawn? And even if he used nametags to prevent that, it would look reallyyyy dumb.

    • yoshiflash5
      yoshiflash5 Il y a 5 mois +2

      All he needs is name tags leads or boats. Ocelots might be a bit annoying but he could. Also hed have to tame and sit down every parrot

  • O Teragard
    O Teragard Il y a 5 mois +3

    0:07 that sleep deprivation really made you place two additional columns of sand didn't it

    THE_QUIET_KID Il y a 8 mois +78

    this build is sick man you are committed af also an idea you should make a huge walkway through the ocean and to land and use glass panes as walls

    • Terrence
      Terrence Il y a mois

      @Adventure Lukey idk

    • Adventure Lukey
      Adventure Lukey Il y a mois

      What's the song called that plays at 14:17 ? Can anyone tell me?

    • Terrence
      Terrence Il y a mois

      The water would flow thourgh the glass panes though?

    • Rockster
      Rockster Il y a 5 mois +1

      THE_QUIET_KID, I came here to say exactly this!
      A glass tunnel leading from the mainland right into and through the glass wall.
      Maybe with a mine cart shuttle system!

    • Cwispy0crackers
      Cwispy0crackers Il y a 7 mois +2

      and use the new moss

    SADBOICLIQUE Il y a 8 mois +2

    Would be cool to have a break in the glass, but turn it into a waterfall and a river that runs through the temple!

  • Nisarg Chaudhari
    Nisarg Chaudhari Il y a 9 mois +10

    Literally so much of progress He should be awarded with GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS

  • Aoxl66
    Aoxl66 Il y a an +1616

    Can we appreciate how dedicated WadZee is to create awesome content this probably took him 20+ hours

  • HunterCool22
    HunterCool22 Il y a 8 mois +10

    3:18 I love how his response to him missed a bit of water was like: *”Impossible.”*

  • Amoeby Dick
    Amoeby Dick Il y a 8 mois +9

    It would be cool if you made a hole in the roof of the monument and plant a tree, growing from inside

  • Lorenzo Dupont
    Lorenzo Dupont Il y a 6 mois +1

    I love how Wadzee gives that touch to everything like a pinch of spice he is that risk taker he sets goals and accomplishes them I have to say I would watch him than dream. He probably stays up all night just to impress us we should atleast just give him a like and a sub.

  • Beast Master
    Beast Master Il y a 3 mois +1

    I recommend using slabs, stairs, walls, fences, and leaves, to add depth

  • tommyismyname
    tommyismyname Il y a an +2886

    Wadzee in 2022: turning his entire world into a melon farm

  • Tereza Englická
    Tereza Englická Il y a 9 mois +2

    I'm absolutely in LOVE with your melon farm!

  • Acorn’s Cottage
    Acorn’s Cottage Il y a 6 mois

    This looks abseloutely stunning! Keep up the great work WadZee :D

  • xDqniel23
    xDqniel23 Il y a 3 mois +1

    Love your editing, good music and fun to watch

  • Arthur Ferlatte
    Arthur Ferlatte Il y a 8 mois

    What you are doing is incredible keep going like that this is awesome.

  • Human Being
    Human Being Il y a an +491

    WadZee: “let’s just talk about how over 50% of you voted for a mooshroom biome”
    Me: “I thought it would be funny”

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves Il y a an

      God bless Jesus loves you and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know hoe many people would let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap.

    • WitherBlaze
      WitherBlaze Il y a an

      I voted for it because I thought it would be fitting 'cause mushroom islands spawn in oceans, hence why they're called "islands"

    • Gilby Tumandao
      Gilby Tumandao Il y a an

      Why there's so many spam comments here

    • SPDshawnie
      SPDshawnie Il y a an


  • Kayleigh Baker
    Kayleigh Baker Il y a 4 mois

    I really love how the monument looks all hollowed out.

  • Yasmin Laderoute
    Yasmin Laderoute Il y a mois +1

    "no other mobs will spawn here, only guardians can spawn here"
    all the bats chillin on the monument ceiling: am i a joke to you?
    absolutely beautiful build dude, keep it up

  • Daidalos Plush Mix 2019
    Daidalos Plush Mix 2019 Il y a 8 mois +2

    You know, real jungles have streams running through and around them, and they also have random pools of water throughout. I did exactly that underneath the ocean monument.

    JADEN NITIN Il y a 7 mois +7

    Wadzee: Made a full NETHERITE BEACON.
    Also Wadzee: Where is my dirt I want it I want it now. 😂😂😂.

    ILOVEBIRDS 209 Il y a an +237

    Jungle trees: *30 Blocks tall
    Wadzee: “these are pretty small...”
    Oak trees: *litterally 7 blocks tall
    Wadzee: “THESE ARE MASSIVE!!!”

    • FFG ZoneX
      FFG ZoneX Il y a an

      Size is relative so a 30 block tall jungle tree is shorter than normal but a oak tree that is 7 blocks tall is huge compared to the 3 - 4 blocks normal size

    • puggles
      puggles Il y a an

      @Tomoruin HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I kno3

    • Tomoruin
      Tomoruin Il y a an +6

      @Rizzers nice try trying to scam us

    • Dorie Bixby
      Dorie Bixby Il y a an +5

      Tbh sometimes jungle trees just aren't tall enough. In a couple of my builds I grow a second tree on top of the first just to make them really reign over the forest

    ELLIS HOROWITZ Il y a 2 mois

    Lets take a moment to
    realize how much work he
    puts into his videos

  • tiara tobin
    tiara tobin Il y a 2 mois

    You officially have a new viewer 🤣🤣 I love this!! Great idea, no matter the grind 💪🏽

  • teh_er1k
    teh_er1k Il y a 7 mois

    This game intrigues me so much, every time I stumble across videos like that.
    Great job, mate!

  • Juan Carlitos
    Juan Carlitos Il y a 5 mois

    a Javanese garden kinda biome would've been neat, but this was just amazing to see being built

  • Donutzz
    Donutzz Il y a an +561

    Wadzee: “No Mobs Can Spawn Here Except Guardians”
    Bats: “Don’t Mind Us We Are Just HANGING Around”

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves Il y a an +1

      @Hereld Roner
      Hey God Bless Jesus loves You and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care, now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know how many people would; let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap g

    • Hereld Roner
      Hereld Roner Il y a an

      Undertale sans, hi

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves Il y a an

      @Ioana Tanase God bless Jesus loves you and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care, now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know how many people would; let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap fr g

    • Ioana Tanase
      Ioana Tanase Il y a an

      And slimes

    • Asrarul Rahman
      Asrarul Rahman Il y a an


  • Cooper Stevenson
    Cooper Stevenson Il y a 4 mois

    Rather than roughing up the edges, it would've been cool to place glowstone or sea lanterns directly underneath the glass 😌👌

  • Roxana Arroyo
    Roxana Arroyo Il y a 7 mois

    I just found ur channel... Dope ass build!!! would've love to see this as the nether as well

  • Timothy Stringer
    Timothy Stringer Il y a 11 mois +2

    Love the monument It's AMAZING!!

  • MyReligionIs2DoGood
    MyReligionIs2DoGood Il y a 7 mois

    One of your best works imho. Looks amazing, and natural. Gives me Indiana Jones vibes just looking at it. Well done!

  • Fancy Slime
    Fancy Slime Il y a an +281

    Wadzee: *is surrounded by water because its an ocean*
    also Wadzee: *goes to small puddle for buckets of water*

    • Sydney Hester
      Sydney Hester Il y a an +3

      @Fancy Slime Naw they be freshwater creatures too. They're simply forced to live in the ocean by the Minecraft government smh. Their true habitat is freshwater environments. If you want, you could sign this petition to help stranded guardians to get their fresh water back. It is truly a Nobel cause.

    • Fancy Slime
      Fancy Slime Il y a an +2

      But its an OCEAN monument so wouldnt he need some of that good salty water for the guardians anyway

    • Sydney Hester
      Sydney Hester Il y a an

      Bruh, it’s obviously because he needed freshwater not saltwater lmao 😂

  • JustKADEEN
    JustKADEEN Il y a 11 mois +1

    Easily my favourite build from this series

  • Caroline Hernandez
    Caroline Hernandez Il y a 7 mois +1

    It would be soo cool if you created some clear tunnels that go out in the ocean to connect to mines or land in general

  • Евгений Ефимов

    Reminds me of times I was building something castle-like (small one, with just two not-so-high towers), and had to mine for several hours just so I had enough stone for this... good times.

  • reanaa
    reanaa Il y a mois

    Just stumbled onto you today. So glad I did. Enjoyed everything about the vid. Great personality, great narrator, epic building skills and a dedication few have. Thanks!

  • korok.hunter
    korok.hunter Il y a an +1339

    This guys over here decorating a whole temple when I can’t even finish a house-

  • Lawrence J
    Lawrence J Il y a 8 mois

    Your build’s are soooooo amazing

  • frog .-.
    frog .-. Il y a 7 mois

    Love this vid ❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep up the good work!❤️❤️

  • Larry_1D💙💚
    Larry_1D💙💚 Il y a 3 mois

    The obsession he has over melons is unhealthy 😂😂😂
    But yeah love your videos and the effort is mind-blowing, all this isn't a piece of cake but you make it look so effortless and interesting! Love it

  • g0d106
    g0d106 Il y a 6 mois

    wow, ur really putting in effort in your videos, and it makes me wanna watch the whole thing and 5 other videos

  • Gerdo Pärn
    Gerdo Pärn Il y a an +50

    video idea: you should build a nether fortress in the overworld! idk if its too hard but i think it would look sick

  • Daidalos Plush Mix 2019
    Daidalos Plush Mix 2019 Il y a 9 mois

    It took me just as long to drain the ocean and the perimeter of my ocean monument. And as far as the upper interior goes I drained some parts and left others completely waterlogged and blocked the water flow with doors so those submerged areas could still be accessible.

  • Nathanthememegod
    Nathanthememegod Il y a 5 mois

    I love your editing and your content!!!!:)

  • Darth Jar Jar
    Darth Jar Jar Il y a 6 mois

    I once had that the ocean didn't spawn so I had the biom without water, it looked really cool plus an dry ocean monument.

  • Dennis Vega
    Dennis Vega Il y a 9 mois

    For me this is much more excellent when this a nether biome theme 👏that exactly perfect but I appreciate your work to this 👍jungle biome theme nice job wad zee

  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams Il y a an +112

    You should’ve put blue stained glass for the wall so it just looked like the water completely stopped around the monument instead of it being manmade

  • Zalfa Oriana
    Zalfa Oriana Il y a 6 mois

    You added a feel like the monument had a long story to tell :>

  • Gaming With Tika
    Gaming With Tika Il y a 7 mois

    Idea: maybe instead of just melons also plant some melon (and other) seeds and let them grow just to help it look more natural and overgrown? I think it's be cool just to have random wheat and other plants growing around.
    And you can hide the water underground so that the plants can grow but there it's just random water everywhere :3

  • Happy
    Happy Il y a 8 mois +1

    The fact that he can jump and destroy a block in mid air makes me jealous

  • Sona Ozzy Cats
    Sona Ozzy Cats Il y a 2 mois +1

    You should of added some holes in the monument to express more of the rundown feeling

  • The Below Average Gamer
    The Below Average Gamer Il y a an +335

    Now just imagine if he used shaders, how crazy this, and his whole world would look like...

    • ShadowWind
      ShadowWind Il y a an

      I don't mean to be that guy, but I feel Wadzee proves you don't need shaders to make Minecraft builds look good

    • Aarush puli
      Aarush puli Il y a an

      Yes man!

    • Jo Mama
      Jo Mama Il y a an

      He should definitely use shaders

    • Rafelandroid2
      Rafelandroid2 Il y a an +5

      to me shaders makes things "overdetailed"
      no. dont yell at me

    • FADE
      FADE Il y a an

      For real

  • Alwafi Charki
    Alwafi Charki Il y a 11 mois

    it would be amazing if you make giant whole in the glass wall and make a revere source from it !

  • Saltyboycomedy
    Saltyboycomedy Il y a 7 mois +1

    I never thought I would see an experienced minecraft youtuber want more dirt

  • Jacob Amidon
    Jacob Amidon Il y a 9 mois

    You have inspired me sir thank you for the nice vid and great job!

  • Nero World
    Nero World Il y a mois

    At first I was kinda watching your videos at random, but now I just watch the hardcore series daily lol
    Keep up the awesome work man!

  • fatemeh bigdeli
    fatemeh bigdeli Il y a an +229

    Can we just appreciate how much time he puts in for his videos

    • Zero
      Zero Il y a an

      @DullishCoast 153 owder then you too

    • Zero
      Zero Il y a an

      @fatemeh bigdeli I big kids ok I woll beet you ok

    • Hereld Roner
      Hereld Roner Il y a an


    • Corvus monedula
      Corvus monedula Il y a an

      @DullishCoast 153 dont feed the trolls

    • DullishCoast 153
      DullishCoast 153 Il y a an

      @Zero btw read the title it says MINECRAFT hardcore

  • yaboiXV
    yaboiXV Il y a 8 mois

    The edit you had at the end was magical 🥲

  • celtic on top non stop
    celtic on top non stop Il y a 11 mois

    WadZee I think ur videos are awesome keep it up!

  • Yoshimi Koizumi
    Yoshimi Koizumi Il y a 3 mois +1

    what tutorial do you use for your guardian farm? It is very efficient and it would be very useful for other minecraft servers!

  • Cecilia Espinosa
    Cecilia Espinosa Il y a 4 mois

    if you put some fences and then you put the lanterns on top, it just looks beautiful

  • Levi Walker
    Levi Walker Il y a an +336

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the evolution of his soundtrack?

    • harmony, maybe.
      harmony, maybe. Il y a an

      I like the original soundtracks but these new ones are a bit better in my opinion.
      Especially "Rude Buster" from Deltarune since I'm an Undertale fan lmao

    • BananaGoanna
      BananaGoanna Il y a an

      @Brian Fornwalt the kahoot music was the best

    • BananaGoanna
      BananaGoanna Il y a an

      no I lik the original, I've been a long time fan :/

  • 777Musiq Official
    777Musiq Official Il y a 5 mois

    Should add a layer of slabs on top of the glass outline :)

  • Omn Brown
    Omn Brown Il y a 10 mois

    you need a farmer villager for the mellons so you can trade for emeralds and other stuff, and since you have so many you could easily upgrade the villager

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Il y a 7 mois

    I would love to see it with realistic shaders

  • The Boss
    The Boss Il y a 10 mois

    WadZee: "No other mobs can spawn here" meanwhile there are like 20 bats behind him

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Il y a an +133

    Can we just take a moment to recognize how good of a builder wadzee is

    • Matthew Rumenapp
      Matthew Rumenapp Il y a an

      @earomc look whose quiet all the sudden

    • oscar crassus
      oscar crassus Il y a an

      @earomc let's see you make a better build in hardcore

    • Jacob Johnson
      Jacob Johnson Il y a an

      @Jake Rowell yah true

    • PIGLIN 469
      PIGLIN 469 Il y a an +1

      @Jake Rowell Oh yeah hermit craft I forgot that even exists

    • Jake Rowell
      Jake Rowell Il y a an +7

      I kinda see what hes sayin tho... hermit craft is insane but they get way less veiws
      but i guess thats cause he is funny and puts in time into his editing and stuff

  • Ben&Ethan Wright
    Ben&Ethan Wright Il y a 7 mois

    "I don't wanna use torches anywhere in this"
    *Three seconds later*
    "So I think I'm gonna add some like, jungle tiki torches"

  • TotallyCoolUsernameHere
    TotallyCoolUsernameHere Il y a 10 mois

    I like how WadZee just ripped apart something that would probably be more than 1000 years old in real life

  • The SNES Man
    The SNES Man Il y a 5 mois

    I like the jungle trees you put around everything. I wouldve turned the inside of the temple into a home.

  • Sarah Dehghani
    Sarah Dehghani Il y a 8 mois

    wadzee is so underrated tho, he deserves more love and support for all the effort 👏👏

    • keni
      keni Il y a 5 mois

      YeH hes underrated but being a yt with 2 subs makes him seam so much bigger

  • xGamer3
    xGamer3 Il y a an +552

    Episode 1000: so guys the melon farm has reached the world border😂

    • MynameisNOTMay
      MynameisNOTMay Il y a an

      @hoster :/

    • hoster
      hoster Il y a an

      @Shorty there is at 32 million block

    • hoster
      hoster Il y a an

      @yaykers wiee yeah kinda insaneeeeee

    • UrciteNeTom
      UrciteNeTom Il y a an

      that is impossimble, unfortunetly

    • Junior Ripley
      Junior Ripley Il y a an

      You just copied this from someone from when he cleared all the water I even saw the original version

  • MarGamingMobile
    MarGamingMobile Il y a 11 mois +1

    I would put a lot more trees because it’s kinda looking like a jungle edge looks good though

  • David Trejo Physique
    David Trejo Physique Il y a 7 mois

    Watching your videos atm, and its brings like art attack vibes hahaha love it man

  • Lawrence Jensen
    Lawrence Jensen Il y a 7 mois

    i did this with a pretty much full intact ship. its a pretty fun little base and the traders that spawn in the water have basically turned it into a lama sanctuary.

  • Julie Benoit
    Julie Benoit Il y a 8 mois

    the dedication of this man.

  • TEM
    TEM Il y a an +285

    This guy blew up so ducking fast, because he is original and he is great in the game

    • wyattmack
      wyattmack Il y a an

      My first video of his was the nether overwold project. Now I watch him daily

    • Savit
      Savit Il y a an

      @Anwar H same

    • A Gamer'z
      A Gamer'z Il y a an

      One thing i dont like motion monemant chage but its look cool great but his chouse

    • Mark
      Mark Il y a an

      Yeah i was here since 70k

    • abubakar and Ibrahim
      abubakar and Ibrahim Il y a an

      @coal I LOVE your channel shubum my name is Ibrahim

  • Zaldy Cadalin
    Zaldy Cadalin Il y a 6 mois

    Maaaan that was so mesmerizing, I haven't play minecraft for too long coz I'm working then I got hook to ur video title. That was so worth it to watch it's kinda bring me back to the good old days, keep it up man more power and subscribes to come

  • Beckett Wreckett
    Beckett Wreckett Il y a 8 mois +1

    WOW Who knew that water temples are really small when hollowed out

  • Gaming E
    Gaming E Il y a 5 mois +1

    Your vids are so good and really fun to watch

  • Evan
    Evan Il y a 6 mois

    Give this man a ender dragon farm this is dedication

  • Bearded Zeus
    Bearded Zeus Il y a an +258

    "Why did you vote for this?"
    I feel that question can be asked many times over to the entire MC community.

    • Jamsamamsa
      Jamsamamsa Il y a an

      @Silver Plays I voted for glow squid, because I don’t want the game to get harder. It’s a small and simple addition which can be really nice sometimes. As for the phantom, I really like it. I love the idea of a punishment for not sleeping.

    • Silver Plays
      Silver Plays Il y a an

      I can’t believe they voted for glow squid and phantom instead of iceolliger and blaze king

    • Atomic Archer
      Atomic Archer Il y a an +1

      Yeah like the glow squid

    • JokeOfAllTrades
      JokeOfAllTrades Il y a an +2

      @Pixel Fan he's a bot or human trying to trick people into giving his video views

  • Jojo .17
    Jojo .17 Il y a 11 mois +1

    I did the same in my hardcore world.It takes a lot of time but it is worth it

  • Peppa pig
    Peppa pig Il y a 10 mois

    I bet ya, he’s gonna make something more awesome in the end

  • Nicholas de Jager
    Nicholas de Jager Il y a 9 mois +3

    wadzee: drains an entire ocean monument
    also wadzee: doesn't have a silktouch axe for his melons

    • Teffry
      Teffry Il y a 9 mois

      @ObnoxiousCamoToe I was too lazy to put Soul Speed on my boots in my new 1.17 world. I finally added it a month after I started the world. It's too specific of an enchantment to prioritize

    • ObnoxiousCamoToe
      ObnoxiousCamoToe Il y a 9 mois +1

      @Teffry Thanks for reminding me I'm a noob and forgot soul speed for my netherite boots. I've spent far too long thinking they were perfect 😐

    • Teffry
      Teffry Il y a 9 mois +1

      he also doesn't have Soul Speed

  • Leticia Gomes
    Leticia Gomes Il y a 2 mois

    I met WadZee a couple months ago, but it was one of the bests discoveries. And I am not even a native English speaker, but he is so funny and I enjoy watching his videos! ^^
    Thank you, WadZee!

  • Zakai H
    Zakai H Il y a an +265

    Wadzee: *Collects water from a little pond on land.
    Also Wadzee: *Is Surronded by water*

    • Xzander Graves
      Xzander Graves Il y a an

      God bless Jesus loves you and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know hoe many people would let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap.

    • Goal
      Goal Il y a an


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    • Fireker gaming
      Fireker gaming Il y a an +1

      Ohh yeah you are right about the video

    • CosmicCake
      CosmicCake Il y a an +3

      @Jesslyn technically yes

  • Agashebuzz
    Agashebuzz Il y a 8 mois

    Just ran cross these videos. They're awesome!! Makes me think of Bioshock!

  • Mitchell Sage
    Mitchell Sage Il y a 8 mois

    You are insane. Keep it up man.

  • Schornou
    Schornou Il y a 8 mois

    a lava watterfall next to a normal one out of the top of the building would look awesome

  • Lethal Gaming
    Lethal Gaming Il y a 9 mois

    Wadzee: doesn’t remove the 2 blocks that make it in perfect
    My anxiety: LEVEL 100

  • FrequentChimp48
    FrequentChimp48 Il y a an +202

    This is sick! but if you want maybe add some pandas, ocelots, parrots and some small sources of water. But well done! 👍

    • M. Games
      M. Games Il y a an +2

      i was just about yo comment that

    • Hello
      Hello Il y a an +1

      Yeah, thats a good idea some jungle animals👍

    • Dragon Domejczyk
      Dragon Domejczyk Il y a an +2

      No water I will stop the farm

    • shakib
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      I broke the 69 likes

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      thats like eating just to shit out food

  • Mark Hickman
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    He’s an absolute legend

  • Seijaku Kun
    Seijaku Kun Il y a 2 mois

    if you still have the save, you should make the whole monument area square, so you have less glass edges ruining the view

  • Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera

    If some day you flood it again with water by removing one single part from the wall record it I would like to see it :3
    PD: Thanks god you made a jungle!

    • Alex
      Alex Il y a 7 mois

      Minecraft water physics sadly don't work like that. Removing a part of the wall would just cause the water to inch in one or two blocks and turn into a waterfall.

  • Maddie
    Maddie Il y a 9 mois

    Reminds me of the days my brother and I would make superflats with these and turn them into "hotels"