• Ajoutée 15 déc. 2020
  • I Completed the 'How Did We Get Here?' Advancement in Minecraft HARDCORE, and completing every advancement in minecraft hardcore. This is the finale of my achievement hunting in Minecraft as after completing how did we get here I have now completed every achievement in minecraft hardcore. Do you want to learn how to do how did we get here in Minecraft? Watch the whole video to find out!
    ★ The two achievements I completed today are: Arbalistic (kill 5 unique mobs with one arrow) & How Did We Get Here (have Every status effect in minecraft at one time)
    ▶ watch the whole series here!
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Commentaires • 7 790

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a an +6

    Lmao since I keep getting comments about command blocks... that was CLEARLY a different world (look at the hearts) I mentioned in the video I spent hours practicing and since I had footage of that I wanted to use it somewhere lol

  • Xero
    Xero Il y a an +11

    Imagine being able to say “I finished minecraft”

  • MasterMario64
    MasterMario64 Il y a an +1

    We're all ignoring the truth: Wadzee separated those achievements as an excuse to plant more melons

  • Jkem33
    Jkem33 Il y a an +2

    Imagine Mojang laughing at how impossible this achievement is, then they fall on Wadzee's video...

  • OM Hari
    OM Hari Il y a an +744

    Man completed the Airbalistic Achievement with Hostile Mobs

  • streetyboi69
    streetyboi69 Il y a an +2


  • MenaceChild
    MenaceChild Il y a an +526

    Honesly the last achievement should be “He Needs Some Milk” only real gamers know

  • Jachael123
    Jachael123 Il y a an +5

    I don't know what's more satisfying; finally getting the achievement, or seeing every effect disappear instantly with one swig of milk. Either way, congrats on completing everything the game has to offer man! 👏🏻🎉

  • Hoggymchoghog Fatpig
    Hoggymchoghog Fatpig Il y a an +202

    Wadzee : makes complex contraption to complete arbalistoc

  • Zeno Kwon
    Zeno Kwon Il y a an +1

    He made getting the achievement look so epic but in reality it's just a block dude getting stoned to oblivion

  • joy arganosa
    joy arganosa Il y a an +521

    making a netherite beacon took longer then "how did we get here"

  • Cristian
    Cristian Il y a an +286

    i love how wadzee flexing his netherite beacon every ep

  • Lycra
    Lycra  +54

    Just noticed that the achievement got him more than a whole level when his level 120, that's hell of a lot EXP

  • Buff Mangle
    Buff Mangle Il y a an +891

    Let's give him an applause for listing every effect in alphabetical order.

  • ReckThe Monster
    ReckThe Monster Il y a an +1

    Other people: killing the ender dragon “yes I finally beat Minecraft”

  • Unfortunate
    Unfortunate Il y a an +511

    Imagine getting that shulker there with the older minecraft boats

  • fred
    fred Il y a an +293

    imagine accidentally drinking milk when ur about to get the last effect

  • Spudd
    Spudd Il y a an +210

    The fact that he didn’t have a pearl in his hotbar while travelling with the shulker gives me anxiety

  • EnderBlue Minecraft

    Next time you take a shulker to the overworld, put it in a boat, use a lead on the boat, and just fly to the main end island. That's way easier!

  • Rony_2006
    Rony_2006 Il y a an +604

    The hardest achievement you did in this world was building the netherite beacon, and we all have respect to you for that