Minecraft Skyblock, But You Only Get ONE BLOCK

  • Ajoutée 21 avril 2020
  • A Brand New Skyblock Series? Today we're playing Minecraft Skyblock, But You Only Get ONE BLOCK! This is the Skyblock One Block Map by IJAMinecraft! What can you achieve in Minecraft but there's only one block? Today I start my brand new Skyblock Island while only getting materials from one infinite block. How far can I expand my island from Playing Skyblock with one block?
    Playing Minecraft with one block is a trend that many other FRcliprs have done and I recognise that I am not the first to do it!
    Creator: frclip.com/video/FLoQKuk65iE/vidéo.html
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    Email for business enquiries:
    📧 - wadzeeyt@gmail.com
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    I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    creativecommons.org/licenses/b.. .
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Commentaires • 9 089

  • Puneeth R
    Puneeth R Il y a 2 ans +19230

    It's never too late , who wants to make this a series

  • super tastic
    super tastic Il y a an +32

    Ah, miss this series. Probably one of my favorite series on this channel

  • Draconix
    Draconix Il y a an +41

    ANd he immediately goes to building circles. Of course. I mean, Wadzee should make a whole entire tutorial on how to build circles, this guys a master.

  • gagid a
    gagid a Il y a an +74

    This might be the first video where wadzee actually said something more than, " thank you to this person you're an absolute Legend"

  • Draconix
    Draconix Il y a an +5

    Spruce is a very efficient wood source because it can be planted as 2x2 trees. It should be the wood that he farms the most, in my opinion.

    • MCBE Clips
      MCBE Clips Il y a 8 mois +1

      Dark oak and.jungle also work but spruce looks the best

  • Benson
    Benson Il y a 2 ans +3736

    Little did he know this would be the turning point for his channel

    • Sahil Nijjer
      Sahil Nijjer Il y a 4 mois

      @Prince Naku 4.5 now lol

    • parth khera
      parth khera Il y a an


    • Crystal Crawford
      Crystal Crawford Il y a an

      Do a hardcore series that never ends in the new caves update in hardcore

    • Tod wk
      Tod wk Il y a an

      i subbed after watching only this vid

    • Birbz
      Birbz Il y a an +1


  • xXimmortal_WolfXx
    xXimmortal_WolfXx Il y a an +190

    “You know what I think I will put my items in a chest”
    *makes chest*
    The chest that in his hotbar: 👁👄👁

  • Surreal
    Surreal Il y a an +4

    the series that blew up this dudes channel, I remember the massive increase of subscribers he was gaining at the time, it was unbelieveable

  • nachosan216
    nachosan216 Il y a an +37

    I first discovered WadZee on a different video, but this series is what made me a member of the Wah Wah Army.

    QU1CK CL4PP3R Il y a an

    I love how you take your time and dont make a mess on your world

  • Rotsku
    Rotsku Il y a 2 ans +2608

    Here are some things you can try to achieve in this series:
    - a mob farm
    - an animal farm
    - a cool house
    - an automatic farm
    - an automatic smelting system
    And most importantly
    - a statue of yourself

    • MustangPrime12
      MustangPrime12 Il y a an

      He made the first 3 but I think I remember him making a statue in one of the last episodes

    • Oliwier Ochnik
      Oliwier Ochnik Il y a an

      He did :)

    • DD45
      DD45 Il y a an +1

      yes true

    • yes
      yes Il y a an +1

      He did like 2 of those. But i guess that like 30 cool circles is The same thing

    • Kwia Nooks
      Kwia Nooks Il y a 2 ans +1

      Why a statue of yourself🤔

  • ᕦ B L A N K ᕤ
    ᕦ B L A N K ᕤ Il y a 9 mois +6

    I remembered watching this a year ago, when wadzee has nearly 1M subs or whatever, I subscribed recently because I switched to another account, this series was great.

  • Zehava The Zamboni
    Zehava The Zamboni Il y a 9 mois +14

    This was the first video I ever saw on your channel and I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile each time you uploaded ever since

  • Visxyia
    Visxyia Il y a an

    I have re-watched this about 16 times now..
    I miss this series... It was the one who gave Wadzee some fame..
    Edit : "Doggos never die"

  • Birbz
    Birbz Il y a an

    I watched this series 10+ times, literally! Is it a problem if you make a 3rd series of skyblock? I mean, you did a SUPER job on these skyblock?

  • RealRxplayer
    RealRxplayer Il y a 2 ans +59

    I'd love to see a series of this from start to finish, I've never seen anyone do this from start to finish. I'm curious about the end and the nether.

  • Crunchy Carrots
    Crunchy Carrots Il y a an

    ah, wadzee, my guy, you wouldve never known how far you would come from this single video...

  • Purple Burples
    Purple Burples Il y a an

    i love watching this. you are smart and capable and i feel like im in good hands.

  • 「-amu-」
    「-amu-」 Il y a an

    Tip: Next time on skyblock make slabs to expand because you get more slabs for more expansion

  • Loubna Yass
    Loubna Yass Il y a 3 mois

    Congratulations wadzee. You've inspired me to make another one block world myself for the 10th time

  • Victoria
    Victoria Il y a 2 ans +68

    Continue with this series! It’s super fun, actually never heard of this type of sky blocks - need to try it out myself!

    • FluffyCatMC
      FluffyCatMC Il y a 2 ans +2

      @oof boy Gaming Its not a server, you need to download the map.

    • benthefinessegod
      benthefinessegod Il y a 2 ans +2

      Ikr this is sick

  • Marco Skriver
    Marco Skriver Il y a 8 mois

    I've just subscribed yesterday, I was watching your hardcore videos while playing minecraft myself, very entertaining

  • Alexander Soussa
    Alexander Soussa Il y a an +384

    I remember when Wadzee was juts uploading this series, I feel nostalgia ngl

    • ranium
      ranium Il y a 6 mois


    • rlman
      rlman Il y a 6 mois

      Same found him with 100k subs and all of my FRclip account is subscribe on wadzee

    • CodyCogs
      CodyCogs Il y a 7 mois

      I remember this too wow it’s been long

    • Team HaViC
      Team HaViC Il y a 8 mois

      @DihezYX same

  • Steve Cha
    Steve Cha Il y a an +5

    “And the first we’re gonna plant, its gotta be melons right?”
    LazarBeam has entered the chat

  • marszattack
    marszattack Il y a 4 mois

    I love the way you play skyblock. It’s so satisfying because it’s the same way I ply skyblock. I often find myself watching Minecraft youtubers and being irritated because I would do stuff so differently but you never disappoint

  • TheNja09
    TheNja09 Il y a 2 ans +169

    WadZee: Knows how to build perfect circles in Minecraft
    also Wadzee: Doesn't understand waterlogging

  • sW3At b0Lt
    sW3At b0Lt Il y a 10 mois +4

    I remember watching this a year ago and this was no doubt my favorite series on FRclip

  • Adrian Teixeira
    Adrian Teixeira Il y a an +8

    Watching this again a year later and this is still so good

    • P
      P Il y a 6 mois


  • Mystik Wanderer
    Mystik Wanderer Il y a an

    4:05 knew that was going to happen because of the chests slight drop.

  • MaiKitsune
    MaiKitsune Il y a 11 mois +1

    The series that made Wadzee popular ✌️

  • Cambo
    Cambo Il y a 2 ans +401

    Everyone: “I wanna see my friends again.”
    Wadzee: *has gone mildly insane on an island in the middle of the void*

  • Friend
    Friend Il y a 4 mois +1

    This feels insanely nostalgic even though it’s only one year old

  • Stantheman0823
    Stantheman0823 Il y a an

    I love your videos and I’m glad to see you guys in your new life

  • Birbz
    Birbz Il y a an

    You don't know how much I love your videos! If only I could subscribe more than once I would!

  • Belgiumball :D
    Belgiumball :D Il y a an

    Really nice video loved it from start to end

  • D3
    D3 Il y a 2 ans +90

    Everyone: “Quarantine is so boring!”
    WadZee: *Hold my grass block...*

  • Mohamed Amir
    Mohamed Amir Il y a an

    I came here after a year and I used to live the series. Such an amazing series

  • since1876
    since1876 Il y a 6 mois

    The second the block released a pig my first thought was "oh god I can't wait for a creeper to pop out...."
    Was not disappointed. 😂

  • Muzan Kibutsuji
    Muzan Kibutsuji Il y a 4 mois +1

    Oh man oh man. Little did he know he was about to start a legendary series that really blew his channel up

  • Maranatha&Shalom
    Maranatha&Shalom Il y a 2 mois

    I like how they added Bedrock under the block which essentially makes Skyblock Oneblock Skyblock Twoblock.

  • Isaiah Buchanan
    Isaiah Buchanan Il y a 2 ans +179

    WadZee: Should I make this a series. Everyone watching: Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. Yes.

  • Daniel Sippel
    Daniel Sippel Il y a 8 mois +1

    He was so confused when he got gravel and it just started falling, I don't think he knew what it was.

  • Marlon Endriß
    Marlon Endriß Il y a 12 jours

    its still insane to me that this sseries alone brought you from a few thousand to 1 million and then 1 year after finishing the project you already on 4 million, thats such an huge sucess!

  • CriToof
    CriToof Il y a 9 mois +1

    WadZee really deserve more subscriber.

  • Miranda Collins
    Miranda Collins Il y a an

    you need to redo this series because my family has played this recently, and there is more new and challenging mobs so yeah

  • Raimundo
    Raimundo Il y a 2 ans +156

    I love this series and here's a challenge: Collect every hostile mob that spawns. ( I also love your edits bro)

  • Glitchy Mishal
    Glitchy Mishal Il y a an

    I started watching one block sky block because of wadzee. His series is the first OBSB video i'd watched.

  • Fxrxrii
    Fxrxrii Il y a an

    If only he knew he would soon be doing this in hardcore

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith Il y a an

    fun fact: you can turn gravel into dirt: craft dirt and gravel into coarse dirt, hoe the coarse dirt into normal dirt.

  • Matthew Cabrera
    Matthew Cabrera Il y a an +2

    Game: put your items into chests!
    WadZee: this sign can’t stop me because i can’t read

  • QwertyKaps
    QwertyKaps Il y a 2 ans +25

    I would absolutely love to see this as a series! Its is exciting to see what you will do when you have limited space and if you would go to the nether and if you would defeat the ender dragon. So, it would make my year if you could make it a series

    • Flame Mello
      Flame Mello Il y a 2 ans +1

      I don't think he has limited space😂 more like unlimited

  • Yanahiz Pagan
    Yanahiz Pagan Il y a an

    It so cool how you could build all that so quickly

  • kei lol
    kei lol Il y a 4 mois

    It's not a mistake, ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Vincent Newberry
    Vincent Newberry Il y a an +3

    I like how the first grass was in the shape of an L lol

  • Snow
    Snow Il y a 6 mois +1

    5:50 "I built a little fish" this made me so happy, thank you lol

  • TheMega
    TheMega Il y a 2 ans +172

    WadZee: Should I make this a series. Everyone watching: Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. Yes.

    GET SHRECKED Il y a an

    The way you build you skyblock islands are amazing your circles are amazing

  • Dino
    Dino Il y a an

    This video was fun and I really enjoyed it. I also like how you made the plate forms circle and different colors. I found that real cool. Cheers mate

  • Anjan Kanwar
    Anjan Kanwar Il y a 9 mois +2

    POV : You're re-watching this series in lockdown.

  • hctt
    hctt Il y a an

    im rewatching most of your series cuz they good

  • Obamasphere
    Obamasphere Il y a 2 ans +59

    It hasn’t even been 30 seconds and he’s already mentioned the funny number
    *Absolute legend*

  • road to 1 sub lol
    road to 1 sub lol Il y a an

    placing water on a slab makes the slab waterlogged and its not a full block so it ges a weird dynamic

  • Carrot
    Carrot Il y a 8 mois

    No one:
    Wadzee: Makes a chest to keep a chest in it

  • ELEffSpeeno
    ELEffSpeeno Il y a an

    Just a little observation: but I realized you used the TES IV Oblivion theme when putting a block under the infinite block to get the gravel. Coolio.

  • crazy.drew.11
    crazy.drew.11 Il y a 10 mois

    Why does someone have a reason to dislike this man’s videos they’re too good to be dislikef

  • colethepwner
    colethepwner Il y a 2 ans +391

    I love how confused he was when he waterlogged the slab. EDIT: since this got popular timestamp is 10:25

  • Ruuchi Saini
    Ruuchi Saini Il y a an

    It will be a amazing series pls continue this

  • Jett Chandler
    Jett Chandler Il y a an

    Please!!!! Never end the series

  • Nathan Retz0127
    Nathan Retz0127 Il y a 9 mois +1

    Thank you to this person you’re an absolute legend.

  • sanzboy YT
    sanzboy YT Il y a an

    Im here after watching the hardcore version because i havent watched the ordinary one

  • DesingitTime
    DesingitTime Il y a 2 ans +306

    Animals : *Not moving*
    WadZee : "Yo these animals are getting a bit wild."

  • DonuttKatt
    DonuttKatt Il y a an

    This is literally the 5th time I’m binge watching this series
    WadZee srsly do bedwars 🥺

  • ZombsPlayz
    ZombsPlayz Il y a 4 mois +1

    I really loved this series

  • thedarkskull
    thedarkskull Il y a an +2

    Little did he know this would give him one mil

  • Κonstantinos Vanger

    I have seen the entire series 6 times it's so funny and cool

  • DyL
    DyL Il y a 2 ans +746

    Make a series out of it it was actually really entertaining

    • BSCT^
      BSCT^ Il y a 9 mois

      @The Caresharer lol Turkey

    • The Caresharer
      The Caresharer Il y a 9 mois

      1 year later he makes a revival

    • DyL
      DyL Il y a 2 ans +2

      600 likes gosh

    • xozaku
      xozaku Il y a 2 ans +4


  • Victor
    Victor Il y a 7 mois

    The series, that made me play skyblock(technically) once again

  • *-Izzy Gacha-*
    *-Izzy Gacha-* Il y a an +12

    What it says:THE block will regenerate
    What Wadzee said:THIS block will regenerate

  • CreamyMystic
    CreamyMystic Il y a an

    I like the fact how he said “don’t tell me wat to do” when it said “put ur items in chests” lol

  • Electro Penguin
    Electro Penguin Il y a an

    Bro i can't believe this is my first video I've watched and he grew so fast by doing one series

  • MetroYeti
    MetroYeti Il y a 2 ans +425

    "All there is, digging and building."
    Well yeah, that's why the game is called

    • yeetmeat_
      yeetmeat_ Il y a 2 ans

      @popcornpizza88 i was about to woooosh you until i realized you were typing in alt caps lol

    • popcornpizza88
      popcornpizza88 Il y a 2 ans +1

      It's not cAlLeD DigBuiLd

    • Haidar Ali
      Haidar Ali Il y a 2 ans +1

      Damn i laughed

    • yeetmeat_
      yeetmeat_ Il y a 2 ans +1

      @cool man yeha lol

    • cool man
      cool man Il y a 2 ans +10


  • Mattias Norrman
    Mattias Norrman Il y a an

    So fun to watch😊

  • tuschman168
    tuschman168 Il y a 9 mois

    4:00 Totally saw that coming. Screaming at the screen didn't help.

  • MaxTheMaster
    MaxTheMaster Il y a 9 mois +1

    3:43 Me and my friend laughed so hard

  • gerchie
    gerchie Il y a an +2

    This series is so good, I'm watching it AGAIN

  • Franco Solorzano
    Franco Solorzano Il y a 2 ans +22

    Bro theres no such thing as "too late" for trying anything, trends come and go. Just do what you find entertaining and I'm sure the audience will respond accordingly 😁

  • moved
    moved Il y a 9 mois +2

    12:16 he got the rare glitched snow grass

  • mini 64
    mini 64 Il y a an

    I did not know you could make infinite water sources that shape i thought a square only

  • Jack
    Jack Il y a 5 mois

    The first law of Skyblock. Turn planks into slabs.

  • Adaedon Gaming
    Adaedon Gaming Il y a an +5

    Fundy has made a new difficulty. It's the 'cursed difficulty'. He said that if anyone beats the game in the cursed difficulty, he will pay him 250 dollars.

    • Hqshbo
      Hqshbo Il y a an

      @Hi Hello he doesn’t check on these vids

    • Hi Hello
      Hi Hello Il y a an

      @Hqshbo have hope

    • Hqshbo
      Hqshbo Il y a an

      Wadzee won’t see this

  • Ligma 1
    Ligma 1 Il y a 2 ans +116

    We 👏 need 👏 this👏 to👏 be 👏 a 👏 series👏

    • Ligma 1
      Ligma 1 Il y a 2 ans


    • SinisterXYZ
      SinisterXYZ Il y a 2 ans

      IT IS

    • Ramb
      Ramb Il y a 2 ans

      @Ligma 1 when i made that comment he legit uploaded a part 2 a hour ago

    • Ligma 1
      Ligma 1 Il y a 2 ans

      He said this might be a series

    • Ramb
      Ramb Il y a 2 ans


  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez Il y a an +1

    How do you play this? Is it a seed? Is it in a sever with other games? Some one pls tell me this looks so much fun!

  • GameGarbage
    GameGarbage Il y a an +14

    Me: watches Wadzee put a chest in a chest
    Also me: Wth bro that’s a waste
    Him: no space
    Me: oh no there’s plenty of space in your skull

    • Aiden
      Aiden Il y a 6 mois

      @Mighty.shidding H U S H P L E A S E

  • Janice Bautista
    Janice Bautista Il y a an

    Its great to be back to wadzeeeeee epic man dude

  • Mark
    Mark Il y a 9 mois

    And I thought sieving in modded skyblock was tedious...

  • Speci4lforce
    Speci4lforce Il y a 2 ans +190

    When I played this map, I made a “trap” above the block with a sign and a piece of lava one block above the block. This way, I could collect the blocks and mob drops but mobs like zombies, skeletons, creepers, and eventually, evokers would burn.

    • Speci4lforce
      Speci4lforce Il y a 2 ans

      It can occasionally spawn in the random chests and it gets more frequent when the nether stage is reached

    • Casey1099
      Casey1099 Il y a 2 ans

      How did you get lava

    • Mil X
      Mil X Il y a 2 ans

      i thought the same thing when i watched this vid and other one block vids. But then i thought that the items would burn, apparently not

    • Voltaegis
      Voltaegis Il y a 2 ans


    • yes
      yes Il y a 2 ans

      Soo thats basically free totems?

  • CheesieNIP
    CheesieNIP Il y a an

    and this is how WadZee's channel went from 100k to 1mil in literally a week

  • Matty808Pyro
    Matty808Pyro Il y a an +1

    New Sub! This is honestly like watching Lazar beam playing fortnite but playing minecraft

  • Khadheeja Sodhuma
    Khadheeja Sodhuma Il y a 3 mois +1

    I seriously don't know why but when this started I wanted to watch EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it I don't know why. When it ended I was sooooo disappointed. Who else feels the same

  • the mysterious smuggler
    the mysterious smuggler Il y a 10 mois

    Absolute legend.