Minecraft, But I Start in the Nether

  • Ajoutée 2 avril 2020
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    Today I try Beating Minecraft but you start in the nether! The idea of the challenge is to try Beating Minecraft Starting in the NEW Nether! and my goals in this video is to escape the nether by finding enough obsidian to build a nether portal and escape to the over world! This way I can once and for all answer the question: Can I Beat Minecraft, but Starting in the NEW Nether? Enjoy!
    Video idea taken from GameNight, Check out their video here:
    "I beat Minecraft, but I start in the Nether. It was hard."
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Commentaires • 8 116

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a 2 ans +3

    By the way since this is a sponsored video I decided it would also be a BONUS upload this week, there will still be a video out Sunday!

  • Taha Rehman
    Taha Rehman Il y a 2 ans +14

    WadZee: We can use gravel and iron for a flint and steel.

  • Vico
    Vico Il y a an +809

    Wadzee: i need flint and steel for the portal

  • sebase328
    sebase328 Il y a an +1

    I like how everyone ignores thar blackstone and kelp are a thing

  • TDplay
    TDplay Il y a an +352


  • ꧁ঔ Sarah Chan ঔ꧂

    I love how he ignores the fire charge he haves to ignite the portal

  • Coffernado 卷 Читаю книги за Вас. Подкаст

    WadZee: "I REALLY need iron for flint and still!"

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor Il y a an +83

    WadZee: Ghast, hit me.

  • frog
    frog Il y a an +1

    You can also use a fire charge to light a portal. It works just like a flint and steel, but it's a one time use unless you have multiple fire charges

  • netherite_ingot
    netherite_ingot Il y a an +307

    8 months ago: “We are nearing 300k”

  • jaatynytluola
    jaatynytluola Il y a an +15

    WadZee: ”I only need flint and steel” Fire charges in his inventory: ”Am I joke to you?”

  • DimcatDoesThings
    DimcatDoesThings Il y a an +290

    I was yelling at wadzee that fire charges exist the whole video

  • gecko
    gecko Il y a 2 ans +2


  • Catsaint
    Catsaint Il y a an +797

    I'm doing Minecraft but I stay in the nether, I can make like three portals and ignite pretty easily, but I chose to stay in the nether

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss Il y a an +110

    WadZee: Trading with piglins.

  • Lliamicus
    Lliamicus Il y a an +214

    He didn't mention filmora's insane watermark.

  • Kate Tanaka
    Kate Tanaka Il y a an +34

    WadZee: If I needed to smelt it I wouldnt be able to get gold

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird Il y a an +10

    “I need flint and steel for the portal”

  • Sessa107
    Sessa107 Il y a 2 ans +88