I Completed EVERY Advancement in Minecraft 1.17 (#47)

  • Ajoutée 3 juil. 2021
  • In this video I Completed EVERY NEW Advancement in the NEW Minecraft 1.17 Update in my Hardcore Survival world. In the past I completed every advancement in Minecraft hardcore, however there are NEW Minecraft 1.17 advancements now that I have to complete. ENJOY
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Commentaires • 9 218

  • ARJ Studio

    Petition for wadzee to find every single stronghold in the world...

  • Aaditya_j
    Aaditya_j  +387

    Its funny how wadzee just puts his 20 hours of work in just a 20 minute video. Love you man

  • KanNurBis4Zehlen

    It makes me nervous to see, how his bow has less and less durability every episode.

  • Aarya Rahate

    Imagine if in the next update we can combine spyglasses to our bows, to make the shots more accurate.

  • Ekto
    Ekto  +578

    "And now it’s time for the most challenging advancement of them all.. A BALANCED DIET" sounds so funny out of context

  • Slendy
    Slendy  +50

    You know when Wadzee doesn't upload in 2 weeks means he's either building something super amazing or he's searching for goats.

  • CustomName

    Legend has it, he’s a very advanced human.

  • RelishGaming

    I Love how he can make an netherite beacon and doesn’t give up but he admits defeat to the goats

  • SnapCricketC

    Everyone keeps forgetting the "is it a plane?" achievement, which means you have to look at the ender dragon through the spyglass.

  • Meme BEANS
    Meme BEANS  +181

    According to bedrock every achievement is rare lol

  • Aaditya_j
    Aaditya_j  +136

    When he was fighting the dragon, for a moment i was actually confused that how was he fighting it in the overworld until i realised

  • Fett Lego Productions

    When he said he was going to the village where he "conducts his experiments" to do the advancement with lightning rod, I was cracking up!

  • the_swest

    Mc should add an advancement for getting all advancements

  • CEO of Farts

    WadZee looks like he had a lot of fun fighting the dragon again

  • Professor Trip

    Thought of FLEX TAPE when Wadzee said “That’s a lot of damage”

  • MoonshineTora


  • Hexo
    Hexo  +23

    find a exposed stronghold in the ocean, dig out a circle, get rid of the water, and then recreate the stronghold

  • Turtle_God2

    I’m finally finished. I binge watched this whole series over the course of 3 days

  • Youssef Waseem

    Pro tip: The chunk the copper is in needs to be loaded for it to start oxidizing. Also if you want to do something big with oxidized copper, be sure to space the oxidizing blocks 4 blocks away from each other. I also think it helps if you group them by their oxidized state.

  • Richard Rhodes

    I’ve gotta say. I think these water breaks are harming my kidneys. I’ve only just discovered you and have been binging all of your videos this weekend. I’ve had to pee hundreds of time now and I don’t feel too great.