Hardcore Minecraft is Literally TOO EASY... (#1)

  • Ajoutée 8 janv. 2020
  • Hardcore Minecraft Isn't Hard at all... Today I start a brand new Minecraft 1.15 Hardcore Lets Play (SEASON 2 OF MINECRAFT!) and I'm here to show you that Minecraft Hardcore Survival is TOO EASY!
    This is Episode 1 of my New Minecraft 1.15 lets play. and in this episode, I'm on the hunt for diamonds, I make a Zombie spawner XP farm & I have a fun time! And I don't even get close to dying once because Minecraft Hardcore Mode is Easy. I am literally the best minecrafter on earth, minecraft is too easy for me, you noobs would probably say Minecraft hardcore mode is scary, but NOT ME! ... is minecraft too easy?
    *watch the whole series here!
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Commentaires • 6 264

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott Il y a an +3

    I think this guy is going to make a full netherite beacon and plant 200 watermelons every episode

  • Overcast Gaming
    Overcast Gaming Il y a an +546

    Wadzee: i promise this is not where I am going to live for the rest of the series!

  • Raajas Bhatt
    Raajas Bhatt Il y a an +902

    "So this is where I'm gonna leave it off for now"

  • Piyush
    Piyush  +579

    This man here got some of the best editing skills I've seen ever,he cut/speeds up all the boring parts hell not even boring like exploring a mineshaft and uses MeMeS

  • Modern Music of the Dark Ages

    "I wanna do a lot of HUGE projects"

  • Raj Ghosh
    Raj Ghosh  +101

    Revisiting this after realizing he's starting over... it's been a heck of a ride. Thanks wadzee for making life great for me with your videos.

  • Millzy
    Millzy Il y a 2 ans +960

    I’m so hyped for this hardcore series!!

  • JumpedCloth

    "Im not gonna live here for the whole series"

  • big penis parker
    big penis parker Il y a an +66

    it’s insane watching how much wadz really grew with this series congrats man you earned every bit of it

  • maxwellmunroable

    Imagine telling him that 2 years later he will have such an amazing world and start over by CHOICE.

  • SallyFaceExe
    SallyFaceExe Il y a an +334

    Fun fact: coal is basically diamonds if you squeeze them enough to technically you found diamonds straight away

  • Dudecool-EnderChest SMP

    WadZee: "Who is beating the enderdragon on day one?"

  • frst.
    frst. Il y a an +3

    Imagine telling him that 9 months later he would be making every beacon in the game...

  • Milas
    Milas Il y a an +18


  • Theanomyousdebater ,
    Theanomyousdebater , Il y a an +1

    him getting melon seeds from a chest not realizng it will be the biggest melon farm yet

  • candinator

    This is the absolute best series to binge watch since every video he's doing something new and every episode is just 15 minutes

  • GoPro Strike!


  • shironnn

    literally rewatching this series back to where it started...the nostalgia

  • Wes
    Wes Il y a 2 ans +4

    Wadzee: Hardcore is too easy

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho Il y a an +65