I Built a Villager COLOSSEUM in Minecraft Hardcore (#51)

  • Ajoutée 8 sept. 2021
  • I Built a Villager Trading Hall in Minecraft Hardcore!
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Commentaires • 14 399

  • Sleepy kirby

    Only OG’s remember the shoutout machine and the water checkpoint.

  • Aaniyah Dixon

    I think he should let more villagers wander around inside, that way itll look more busy and as if they are trading and shopping with eachother

  • Jack Hardie

    I think adding some glow berries and gold stuff to the tree would give it a nice mythical vibe. Like it is a golden apple tree.

  • Dan-ish
    Dan-ish  +741

    WadZee: doesn’t upload in 3 weeks

  • Rohan Hampson

    Wadzee: "I'm going to treat my villagers better"

  • Robert Hullick

    Wadzee: i wanna get my villagers out of this hole in the ground. also Wadzee: starts the build by making a hole in the ground

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo  +2

    I want to see WadZee build the entirety of Rome in Minecraft...

  • Eanandy Eenaltal

    you should add multiple random villagers just walking around to make it look like people are trying to buy things

  • carabondish

    wadzee: doesn't plant 100 melons

    MAAZART  +21

    Wadzee Just to in form you:The tree is just to circular on the top that is why it looks weird if you make the branches spread out away from the middle it will look better. At least I think😊

  • Magi V
    Magi V  +4

    Two minor critiques, on a very high level, might I add: I think the reason the tree looks a bit weird isn't necessarily because of the size, but because its foliage is extremely dense, making it look like a rather uninteresting sphere of green. I think it could do wonders to break it up by making it have several smaller sections where the foliage becomes a bit denser, and between that, let some of the branches shine through. Finally, add a few more lanterns and some vines and it would make a huge difference. Secondly, as some other commenter already said, add a few more villagers to liven up the place! No marketplace is truly complete without having to shuffle through a bustling crowd. Maybe, in the future, just to give it that extra spice, you could even try to transport villagers from different biomes like the desert and jungle to your trading station, making the crowd even more diverse and colorful.

  • MisterTwisterBee

    tbh, if i were u, i would make the tree expand out, not just like a sphere. Maybe covering the whole top

  • Yogurt
    Yogurt   +6

    Next up build a villager arena where you force them to fight for diamonds and emeralds

  • Wesjan Swart

    Wadzee. It's time for you to beat fundy's "impossible" difficulty again.

  • Koji Kajita

    He should turn that “desert” into a deserted pyramid. So he has a ocean and sand pyramid

  • RubberTag


  • Buffer Puffer

    Wadzee, this is a very important message for you. As you remember, you tried and did complete Fundy's impossible difficulty, and to me it seem as though another has been made, with 2,000 if anyone can beat it, are you up for the challenge?

  • Mule
    Mule  +12

    Fun Fact:

  • Mr_JoinYT
    Mr_JoinYT  +749

    For the tree: i wouldnt recommend getting the leaves flat on every spot, i would leave some air between the leaves, so they dont look that hard, and a little softer! Hope you see this!

  • GoingNumb (Alt Channel)

    This will probably never happen but would love to see him make a scary custom biome for Halloween with dead trees n stuff like it could segway into many new prodjects so he could have custom biomes for holidays he can fill up n build in.