Hardcore Minecraft has Never Been EASIER! (#5)

  • Ajoutée 29 févr. 2020
  • Welcome to Episode 5 of my EPIC HARDCORE MINECRAFT LETS PLAY! In Today's Episode we get FULL NETHERITE ARMOUR AND TOOLS! Watch along to see me getting full netherite armour in hardcore minecraft!
    Hardcore Minecraft has never been easier!
    *watch the whole series here!
    (PLAYLIST) "Minecraft 1.15 Hardcore Survival Lets Play" :
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Commentaires • 10 580

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Il y a 2 ans +11

    Because I’m sick of getting notifications about it THIS VIDEO WAS MADE BEFORE THE SMITHING TABLE UPDATE, okay thank you

  • Bliss VR
    Bliss VR Il y a 2 ans +15

    Oceans: I got the best update

  • CarpetGuy21
    CarpetGuy21 Il y a an +3

    imagine telling him that he would build a full beacon from this

  • playboykxvin
    playboykxvin Il y a an +1

    WadZee in episode 5: Full Enchanted Netherite Tools

  • J.P S
    J.P S Il y a an +695

    "Im not stopping until i see ancient debris!" Immediately stops to farm quartz...

  • Joe-3B80
    Joe-3B80 Il y a an +1

    wadzee: "we will never have to mine netherite again"

  • Meron
    Meron Il y a an +1

    The fact that his cat almost ended the series is hilarious

  • Very Big Yes
    Very Big Yes Il y a an +3

    Looks like that Carson joke didn’t age well

  • Jean Clark
    Jean Clark Il y a an +662

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this man's editing skils.

  • PuzzleParts
    PuzzleParts Il y a an +246

    Even tho it’s before the smithing table became useful it still hurt to watch him convert it.

  • NeroToxic
    NeroToxic  +506

    Imagine him realizing after the video that he couldv'e just used a smithing table to keep his enchants

  • Corey S
    Corey S Il y a an +419

    “This is the most efficient way for me right now” even though he literally got hundreds of beds last episode

  • KR Stars
    KR Stars Il y a an +191

    "'3 ancient debri only 21 more to go" WadZee in 2020 be like: "full netherite beacon"

  • Eo
    Eo Il y a 2 ans +529

    Wadzee: I'm not stopping until i find ancient debris

  • Laksamana Suhendra
    Laksamana Suhendra Il y a an +346


  • Hey Dany
    Hey Dany Il y a an +1

    It’s so painful too see that he isn’t using smithing table

  • Disco Pooch

    Can we just ignore that when he walked into the nether and saw a baby zombified piglin riding a chicken

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Il y a an +187

    Watching him get more levels instead of grindstoning his old tools is just hurtful

  • Con95
    Con95  +123

    It’s funny rewatching this and remembering what happened with Carson

  • Jaarlijks Jeroen
    Jaarlijks Jeroen Il y a 2 ans +183

    "We're going in one straight line and see how long it takes."