I Built a SLIME FARM in Minecraft Hardcore... (#49)

  • Ajoutée 9 août 2021
  • In this video I built a SLIME FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 49 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I built a slime farm to get unlimited slime balls in hardcore minecraft! Want to find out how to build a slime ball farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out?
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    ▸I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)
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Commentaires • 10 887

  • TruMooTwo

    WadZee: "it feels illegal to plant pumpkins in this world, this is a strictly melon world"

  • Vojta Jedzpok

    New fans:

  • Bloop
    Bloop  +1

    Could you do an episode where you do a tour of every build you've made so far?

  • Captain Yakov

    Alright, I have been watching this series long enough so I think I should mention it. Wadzee needs to build a super smelter

  • Hunter Cooper

    Wadzee “ we can’t forget the iron golems” my mind “ well you should say that about the melons “.

  • Maia Reimer

    Hey WadZee, why don't you do an Ice castle? Like the one from Frozen?

  • luckyscorpius

    Why isnt anyone talking about how wadzee forgot to plant 200 melons to his farm

  • DoubleA_

    Wadzee: “It feels illegal to be planting pumpkins, This is a strictly melon only world”

  • Holy Cannoli

    Some say a fair compensation would be 400 melons in the next episode. I believe 400 melons for every new episode is the better alternative.

  • The Sus Channel

    This should be a thing: Every episode Wadzee forgets to plant melons starting from this one he needs to do 100 extra in the future forever so if he forgets once 300 forever and 2 times 400 forever

  • Ian Moore
    Ian Moore  +718

    Suggestion: make the Statue of Liberty out of copper blocks

  • Yayann . exe

    For the next episode : doing a storage room (to simplify the next buildings), and mapping the area

  • Noah VIllarimo


  • neetu sharma

    Legends say he is still lighting up caves with torches. 😂

  • RedCStone
    RedCStone  +167

    Hey WadZee,

  • Hannah
    Hannah  +63

    Can we appreciate how much effort he put in and even decided to make it look good instead of leaving it how it was... and this whole slime farm was in a HARDCORE world omg how

  • Ripon Mahmud

    Wadzee making pumpkin farm

  • Earthenfist

    You know, you could very easily have just put the concrete powder where you wanted it, then poured water down the side to solidify it. Didn't have to mine it up.

  • Emerald
    Emerald  +523

    Wadzee: “First thing we have to do is find our slime chunks”

  • Horizon Tiger

    Btw WadZee: To save you time, you can just build with concrete powder and then afterwards cover the walls with water. You don't have to collect concrete first, it will convert afterwards. You spend so much time farming concrete otherwise.