Minecraft One Block Skyblock, but it's HARDCORE!

  • Ajoutée 28 juil. 2020
  • Welcome back to One Block Skyblock! The Series of Minecraft Skyblock but you only get one block! The difference is... this time it's HARDCORE One Block Skyblock! What can you achieve in Minecraft but there's only one block? will I be able to survive one block survival minecraft when it's in hardcore? Let's find out!
    The One Block Map was created by IJAMinecraft, check it out below!
    Creator: frclip.com/video/FLoQKuk65iE/vidéo.html
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    I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    creativecommons.org/licenses/b.. .
    Kahoot Remix (Vylet Pony):
    I recognise this dude has also done this series:
    "Minecraft Skyblock, but you only get ONE BLOCK.. (hardcore) #1"
    Check out my previous series:
    "Minecraft Skyblock, But You Only Get ONE BLOCK""

Commentaires • 23 780

  • DomeSquash
    DomeSquash Il y a an +1

    "im just gonna use these disgusting clay blocks"

  • Shaydog
    Shaydog Il y a an +1

    WadZee: “exercise break!” Me:

  • TheTwitchNewcomer

    WadZee: “I made a square”

  • DerekMC Gaming
    DerekMC Gaming Il y a an +126

    WadZee: "We've got all the animals"

  • abble dapple
    abble dapple Il y a an +330

    I just found this channel and,, the self care checkpoints? So goddamn wholesome, I love it. This is the first youtuber I've ever seen do anything like that. It's so sweet, def a sub. I hope this is something he does in every video :o

  • Lanny the Great
    Lanny the Great Il y a an +126

    Mr. Pig trying to push you off the crafting table is the equivalent of PewDiePie's pig pushing him into the End Portal

  • Godiragetse Nooi
    Godiragetse Nooi Il y a an +54

    "I am not your friend, I want you dead"

  • Spectral_Net
    Spectral_Net Il y a an +306

    Wadzee makes another one block skyblock:

  • AlexaGodOfWar
    AlexaGodOfWar Il y a an +228

    When this is done, he should do one block sky block, but in nightmare mode (or impossible)

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame Il y a an +312

    I can’t believe that he actually got me to do sit-ups

  • any stolen goods are now forfeit

    Wadzee: doesn't make circle

  • PuppySwags Gaming

    Feel like wadzee peaked at just hardcore. That series goes hard.

  • Jacob Bryant
    Jacob Bryant Il y a an +51

    The intro was actually really clever and done well

  • Ent
    Ent Il y a an +11

    When Wadzee said exercise checkpoint, I immediately stood up and stretched, as my parents were screaming at me to sit back down and “we’re gonna crash the car”

  • Milkyy
    Milkyy Il y a an +11

    I mean, there’s no way he can’t embrace a series that grew his channel tremendously.

  • gold / kora
    gold / kora Il y a an +4

    this man, i like this man. i'm actually in shape because i binge watch his videos

  • goldenspark4life
    goldenspark4life Il y a an +3

    I'm not going to lie, the editing made me subscribe. It's already good content and then the editing and memes just make the video that much more hilarious.

  • PressStartLobby

    wadzee always cracks me up, great job :)

  • Lofi Child
    Lofi Child Il y a an +1

    Wadzee: "One block skyblock is back!"

  • SuperDZ555
    SuperDZ555 Il y a an +29

    “Lord forgive me, i have made a square”