I Became OVERPOWERED In Minecraft Hardcore... (#3)

  • Ajoutée 10 févr. 2022
  • Hardcore Minecraft is Still TOO EASY, in this episode I once again get full diamond armour in hardcore Minecraft. I also acquire an enchanting table, and get fully enchanted diamond armour, which makes me INVINCIBLE in Hardcore Minecraft!
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Commentaires • 5 662

  • WadZee
    WadZee   +2

    I got low on xp and had to kill pigs and chickens to combine a lot of enchantments for my sword. Which was expensive. That’s how I ended up on EXACTLY 0 levels.

  • Cloud
    Cloud  +2

    WadZee never disappoints!

  • Father_memes

    I love how this series is just like when a rich guy goes to a forest to "get in touch with life" like it'ss the same

  • one friendly duck

    It's ok if you get bored sometimes. Just take a break if you need to. We want you at your full creativity and will, don't force yourself to play. Take your time.

  • Caleb Abraams

    Put iron golems in the walls at the entrance and it will keep mobs out. Especially if u make it so that the mobs are unable to hit the golems themselves

  • Aditya
    Aditya  +167

    1 tip : to prevent creeper explosion, place 1 block in front of you and you can shield for extra protection . Explosion damage in Minecraft is somehow related to a players feet . So the more the feet are exposed the more damage you take . (Also a reason why we place a block in front of us when bed mining in the nether). The same can be applied for TNT

  • seiom jvony

    the drive, power, work, and hours this guy puts into his videos is increadable

  • papaya
    papaya  +3

    We want you to do what YOU want to do, Wadzee!! Can’t wait to see what else you create in the future. Keep up the good work

  • Yvvy7
    Yvvy7  +42

    For the entrance, i recommend you get some sweet berry bushes and cover them up with carpet, as mobs will then avoid those carpets

  • Evandro Santana

    Dude, I'm so happy for you and how the new series are going! Take your time, don't rush things out.

  • Novaraot Clairoc
    Novaraot Clairoc Il y a 21 jour +29

    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i obtained free giftcard from

  • Banana Goblin

    I love how he made a diamond hoe and was like “including a diamond hoe” I find that kinda funny because some many people hate the idea of making a diamond/netherite hoe I guess I like to know I’m not the only one that makes a diamond hoe when I’m playing minecraft

  • ~Jessie~
    ~Jessie~  +504

    Quick tip: To keep spiders out, on the wall place a series of trapdoors or overhanging fences to keep spiders from climbing over, you could also put some berry bush around the bottom of the wall for both the aesthetic and to damage mobs.!! 🤩🤩

  • Wayne Morgan

    Glad you're back - you earned your holiday tho! I loved the skyblock episode as it got me inspired. This play thru is fun. Loving it!


    I really like the starting and the ending of this new survival series .

  • ꧁•ꨄDragonWay Productionsꨄ•꧂

    Cool vid! Also, a tip:

  • alex

    I love what you do and I appreciate the huge amount of effort you put into creating these. Please don’t feel pressured to do more than you want, we want to see you at your best <33

  • GoodmanDevon

    We can all appreciate the insane amount of work and effort you put in your videos

  • Ognjen Djurovic

    "Three diamonds! That's a good find"

  • Therobbiezone

    I am so glad you are still alive in this hardcore world and keep it up and never give up and I hope that this hardcore world can last for years and years to come.