I Accidentally Found a Woodland Mansion in Hardcore Minecraft (#13)

  • Ajoutée 16 avril 2020
  • In Today's Episode of Hardcore Minecraft, I intended to just go and take on an ocean monument, however what happened next was completely ridiculous! I Accidentally Found a Woodland Mansion in Hardcore Minecraft! that's right, watch me Finding a Woodland Mansion without a map... it's so coincidental it seems fake! I also managed to find a trident!
    Hardcore Minecraft has never been easier!
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Commentaires • 8 272

  • Sphex
    Sphex Il y a 2 ans +395

    Quite possibly, you have some of the best content out of any FRclipr I've ever seen.

  • Charles Hampson
    Charles Hampson Il y a an +1

    Wadzee: I still can't find a trident...

  • jordan mae
    jordan mae  +105

    the chance of finding a woodland mansion when u want to find one: 2%

  • Aleisha Stewart

    BRUV I was wearing headphones when you played the door knocking sound, I LITERALLY LOOKED AROUND THE ROOM, to then realize it was the video lol

  • Maxime-Olivier Paquet
    Maxime-Olivier Paquet Il y a an +747

    No one:

  • Aswin Pradeep
    Aswin Pradeep Il y a an +125


  • Micaela Eisenkölbl
    Micaela Eisenkölbl Il y a 2 ans +1

    WadZee: where's the sponge room

  • Xx_Ayu_xX
    Xx_Ayu_xX Il y a an +465

    Elder Guardian: "No, you can't just place doors to breathe underwater!"

  • Pig Master
    Pig Master Il y a an +51

    They really need to update woodland mansions, everyone is ecstatic to see them and they have nothing to offer but the mansion itself and some very loose lore

  • mr. j
    mr. j Il y a an +301

    pillagers sound like they’re furiously trying to clear their throats

  • [fAkE] sLiNkYbAnS
    [fAkE] sLiNkYbAnS Il y a an +570

    I love how he has mining fatigue but still cuts though stuff like butter

  • xStqr
    xStqr Il y a an +7

    Wadzee: Has 40 min. of waterbreathing

  • AAO_Fox
    AAO_Fox Il y a 2 ans +2

    WadZee: can’t find a trident after hours of searching

  • E
    E Il y a an +56

    I love it when the guardian says

  • William Merkel
    William Merkel Il y a an +4

    A couple weeks ago I found a woodland Mansion sitting right out in the open, it technically still spawned in a dark forest but most of it is situated in a large clearing next to a lake.

  • Zack Sweeney
    Zack Sweeney Il y a an +12

    I love how wadzee can make even the most boring stuff exciting

  • Heinzrich Nathanael Pangestu 1306129

    Wadzee: imagine finding a wooden mansion

  • Kuma Kum


    LOR3EXX Il y a 2 ans +884

    Wadzee: All you need are doors.

  • SawKiller1O1 YT
    SawKiller1O1 YT Il y a an +222

    While rewatching some of his videos, i am realizing that he is mining ancient debrie in the background.